Logalty presentation event in Mexico

Logalty, in its international expansion strategy and after the creation of Logalty Mexico in early 2018, presented in Mexico City on October 24, its Third-Party Solutions in the event “Regulatory, Probative and Business Approach in Electronic Contracting and Communication”.

Experts in innovation, new business models, technology, and legal and operational security in digital environments, participated in the conference, as well as judges, lawyers, notaries, and supervisors and regulators. Reflection was made on user experience, legal certainty, probative value and electronic evidence, regulatory compliance, electronic contracting, digital identity, fraud, multi-channel, and how to approach change management.

At the opening of the event, Mr. Lino de Prado (President of Logalty Mexico), highlighted that Mexico is a very attractive market for digital transformation, both due to its dimensions and its excellent geographical location in America and also due to the following:

  • It is one of the countries in America with the greatest legal development associated with electronic contracting and signature, as well as with the biggest transposition to the regulated sectors.
  • Mexico has Regulators and Supervisors who are working to move quickly towards paperless.
  • It has a robust Commercial Code and laws at the global forefront with a new Fintech Law -with a pioneer Sandbox in the world- that allows the rapid adoption of new technologies.
  • It has a new Free Trade Agreement.
  • Mexico has macro country indicators that offer optimism: inflation stabilized at 5%; the currency withstands market fluctuations with an export index at all-time highs.

The dynamics of the event was to have real opinions and experiences with clients channeled through four discussion panels:

Panel 1.- Success stories in Consumer: electronic signatures and online processes.

Panel 2.– The digital transformation in labor contracting.

Panel 3.– Application of electronic signatures in contracting processes within the insurance sector.

Panel 4.– Digital processes identity and efficiency

At the event closing Mr. Juan María Sainz, President of Logalty Spain, highlighted the main benefits most commented by the speakers and attendees: “ease of use, cost savings and increased sales”, concluding with a personal reflection: “Logalty technology will make life easier for citizens. “