Our new corporate image. By José Manuel Oliva, Logalty General Manager

2019 is a very important year for Logalty. We have great challenges and we are launching new projects with great excitement and enthusiasm.

One of them is the new website in Spain and Mexico, which introduces new services that help companies to digitally evolve their business models and, consequently, an update of our brand and image that adapts to an innovative and changing digital market

This is Logalty’s fourth website and I still remember when we drew up the texts of our first site almost fifteen years ago. In 2005, companies began to outline their plans for digital transformation by analyzing the changes in their business models (multichannel distribution) and how all this would impact the processes, technology, and personnel in each organization. It has been a full-fledged change management exercise.

We understood that the way to migrate paper transactions to digital environments required two conditions: the first, full legal security, was absolutely necessary. The second was focused on cost savings, process agility, and total usability so that the client could relate to their entity and be able to sign contracts or receive communications from any device and at any time and place.

The way to achieve this was to create an Interposed Third Party that built trust in electronic environments: That’s what Logalty is. Today these concepts are accepted within society, we have a clear example in the statements of the Vice President of the European Commission, D. Andrus Ansip: “Building trust in the online world is crucial to accomplish the Digital Single Market.”

Logalty’s commitment was clear: to build contracting and electronic notification workflows 100% compliant with all applicable regulations in each sector and to generate effective electronic evidence by intermediation that can be brought to courtThe result was we became the first Interposed Trusted Third Party in Europe. Today we are already on European trust services lists (TSLs) and have our own Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) on eIDAS for the issuance of electronic certificates that allow us to have Qualified Trust Services.

During these years we have been building Logalty along with our clients from several sectors (financial, insurance, energy, telecommunications, distribution, and others), with our partners (Informa, Seur, Garrigues, Asnef, Eurofinas), with our service providers (among which are notaries who allow us to make notarized deposits of documents), and with the whole human team that makes up what is today Logalty.

In addition to trust as a characteristic that identifies us in the market, we have a second hallmark that is innovation. We are already building Logalty 2.0 and working on Software Execution Certificates, Identity Management, or Smart Contracts that will be a real legal revolution by allowing legal language to be transferred to computer code to be signed by the contract parties. In this way, the agreements become self-executing.

We were pioneers in Spain 15 years ago in changing the way of digitally transforming multichannel business processes with communication, notification, and electronic contracting services.

Today Logalty is an active member in the European Commission for the creation of the digital single market, we actively participate in ETSI, and we are also members of the financial community as our services are considered essential by supervisors.

We have entered into America together with Mexico, we opened our branch in Portugal and we are growing in the EU too. But the most important thing is that we are a team of professionals with a passion for innovation and value creation for our clients, through a deep knowledge and experience in digital transformation, with full legal, operational and technological security with a multi-channel technology.

we keep moving forward!

José Manuel Oliva