We add value to the Certified Notification

Sonia Martín, Customer Success Manager

“Every day more and more clients trust our Certified Postal Notification service, having sent over 4 million Certified Notifications with Effective Electronic Evidence to over 140 countries, service that dates back more than 10 years”.

The digital transformation has already taken place in many companies, but in others, however, the evolution of their business processes and change management is taking place more gradually. Not only does this involve technological factors (these are almost the easiest to solve), but also an immense number of cultural, educational, social and even contractual circumstances, among others, which are small (or large) obstacles that need to be overcome in order to achieve a 100% digital corporate environment. There are still many bridges to cross, and throughout this journey traditional notification processes will continue to be used.

Both worlds, the new one, completely digital, and the traditional one, are obliged to coexist during the upcoming years. This is why at Logalty we continue to add value to the Certified Notification, conducting continuous improvement processes that are increasingly adapted to the needs of the sector and current changing market.

Throughout all these years we have learnt that our clients were not only looking for a notification service that complied with the prevailing postal regulations, in that the deregulation of the postal market gave rise to other certified notification providers that offered these legal minimums. They turned to Logalty because we offered maximum legal assurances and, in particular, backing, support and customised attention to address any need that may arise. All this while offering a service that was also at a lower cost than traditional certified notifications, with 100% on-line management and traceability of the sending shipment.

Having at our disposal the legal advice and counsel of Garrigues, the daily analysis of addresses, management of incidents before shipments are completed or the additional and transparent information of our postal operator, SEUR, is part of the added value that distinguishes us. For all these reasons, clients interact with Logalty, proposing continuous improvements adapted to their management and business needs, showing an increasing trust in our service.

As a result of this close-knit collaboration, we detected the need to provide international coverage to the postal notification, currently reaching over 140 countries and maintaining telematic traceability thanks to our shipment management platform Logalsend, enabling the centralisation of all the information and documentation relevant to each notification.

We will continue to evolve the service, expecting to face, as always, new challenges as we improve the service and facilitate the day to day operations of our clients.

Sonia Martín
Customer Success Manager

Sonia Martín is the Customer Success Manager, with a professional career at Logalty that spans 10 years as manager of the Electronic Postal Notification Service (Certified Notification), since its implementation. She currently heads a group focussed on providing quality and personalised attention to our clients during their entire notification management process.