The Proyecto Mejores provides Logalty with the opportunity to shine as a very special star

Proyecto Mejores brings together 100 volunteers (called 100 stars) who enlighten 400 youths at risk of social exclusion, sharing the lights and shadows of their stories of personal triumph, together with their future prospects and possibilities. This is a motivational initiative with the participation of businesses such as Grupo Ausolan, CEU, Cofares, Staff Eventos, Ibercaja and Logalty, among others.

Marcos Jordán, our Customer Success Manager, participates in this sixth edition, with his star “Do not lose your FAITH, seek that for which you have been created”. FAITH has given him the certainty of being unique and unrepeatable, dreaming of a great project.

Discover the ‘Proyecto Mejores’

On 14 November 2014 an initiative was born that is now in its sixth edition. The Mejores event is a perfect occasion to generate significant social and business impact, as well as to stimulate collaboration between social organisations and businesses with the aim of sharing their ideas.

This is an initiative that arises with the intention of helping the participating youths to identify areas of improvement, both personally and professionally. By recounting their life experiences, these business professionals analyse the path that has led them to have the present and the future they wanted.

The Mejores event becomes a unique and enriching moment to create new hope, generate excitement and look for new professional opportunities, creating a two-way learning process.


Admiration, effort, enthusiasm, responsibility, personal growth, perseverance… These are some of the values that will mark the trajectory of these youths, who, once again, eagerly await with the utmost expectation their meeting with these collaborators.

The upcoming 29 November is the date set for the celebration of the 6th Mejores Event, which seeks to fulfil the following goals:

To strengthen the appropriate attitudes and behaviour of youths by helping them confront and overcome difficulties.

To provide motivation so that they continue studying, improve their grades or reconsider a training project.

To discover what steps these youths should take to improve their skills and grow professionally, as well as to facilitate a path towards vocational discovery.

In addition, it is a unique opportunity to generate a positive business impact, as this event enables the development of corporate values, serves to reinforce the commitment of employees and improve brand image.

For all these reasons, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to participate in the sixth edition of Proyecto Mejores with the presence of Marcos Jordán, our Customer Success Manager. Thanks to Helping by Doing!