José Ignacio Arribas, new CEO of Logalty

With extensive experience in risk management, collection, credit and digital fraud prevention in companies such as ASNEF, EQUIFAX, CTI, INFORMA, REINTEGRA and VERIFICA, José Ignacio leads the strategic horizon of the digital identities in which Logalty is already working on.

The Board of Directors of Logalty, a pioneer as an Interposed Trusted Third Party, which offers solutions for the generation and custody of electronic evidence of on-line transactions, has appointed José Ignacio Arribas as its new CEO in Spain.

A graduate in Economic and Business Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid, he has a long and successful professional career. He has been Director of the Information Service ASNEF, General Manager of Bureau de Crédito de ASNEF/Equifax, Managing Director of CTI, Chairman of Reintegra and ANGECO, and Director of Informa D&B. Furthermore, he was a founder and executive chairman of Verifica.

Key factors such as his experience in specialised services such as risk management, credit, collection, fraud prevention and bureaus, as well as his entrepreneurial leadership in the creation of Verifica, make José Ignacio Arribas the ideal person to drive the strategic horizon of Logalty in its current lines of business and in the company’s new strategic lines, such as the digital identity database for the prevention of electronic fraud or smart contracts, where work has already commenced.

“It is an honour to be part of the company that is creating the electronic contracting of the future”, says José Ignacio Arribas. “I am proud to be the new CEO of Logalty. We are at an exciting time in the market where our clients are looking to drive innovation and digital growth with very big challenges like Smart Contracts or Digital Identities. We are in an ideal position to accompany our clients with all the legal and technological potential of our solutions for contracting, electronic communication, as well as digital identity”.

Juan Mª Sainz, CEO of Informa D&B and Chairman of Logalty, points out that “José Ignacio Arribas is a consolidated leader with formidable knowledge and experience in the management of on-line risk, a specialist in business acceleration, and international expansion. He will undoubtedly contribute, with his talent and passion, to innovate together with the management team of Logalty, with the firm commitment of helping his clients in their digital evolution”.

Logalty, whose main shareholder is Informa D&B, acts as an Interposed Trusted Third Party creating a distributed evidence matrix of digital transactions. In short, the same technology that supports blockchain and the rest of the distributed ledgers that operate worldwide. It intervenes between the contracting parties or in electronic notifications, generating and safeguarding the electronic evidence to assure, neutrally and independently, that the transactions are secure, inalterable and with full probative value.