Logalty attains the ISO 22301 certification

Logalty has obtained the ISO-22301 certification, which certifies its success in the adoption of good practices in the establishment and management of a Business Continuity Management System.

Having a management system implies planning, implementing, operating, evaluating and improving a set of practices aimed at making business processes resilient and operational in the face of disruptive events and unforeseen contingencies.

The ISO 22301 standard, together with the certification of the security management system (ISO 27001) obtained by Logalty, provides adequate levels of strength, and garners the trust of the clients that employ our services to support part of their processes.

We refer to business continuity insofar as it places at the centre the processes that are considered critical because of the value they bring to clients or to other areas of the organisation.

For these critical business processes the relevant aspect is not to define immediate recovery times indiscriminately, but to analyse and establish the maximum period of time during which we can allow these to be unavailable without this entailing a severe impact, and for these recovery goals, to define the set of strategies and procedures that enable compliance thereof.

Thus, the process begins with discussions with those responsible for the various lines of the business, who help us understand the impact that disruptions have on their areas, and to determine the recovery goals to be pursued.

Once the recovery goals specified in the ISO22301 standard have been defined, the elements that are essential for maintaining business processes must be identified.

In this respect, Logalty has not only considered technological assets, but also elements such as the facilities of the provider’s data processing centres, critical personnel or even offices.

Frequently the error is committed of focusing exclusively on technological systems, neglecting other risk vectors that can jeopardise continuity.

With all the above information, Logalty designs response and recovery plans that guarantee the established goals and assures the continuity of the business plan.

The key success factors of a business continuity management plan are:

  • the ability to test and learn from experience,
  • its constant updating and
  • the processes of permanent training of the personnel involved.

In short, it must be considered a living system that adapts to the different inputs and changes that occur in business needs and the elements that support it.

In conclusion, the peace of mind of our clients is fundamental to Logalty, which is why we are the only provider of electronic signature services to be certified in the ISO22301 standard, guaranteeing a uniform level of service that reinforces our solvency and solidity by protecting our assets, managing risks and planning for unforeseen events.