Legally robust electronic communications

Logalty generates and safeguards the custody of the evidence by intermediation of electronic communications.

Logalty is ready to assist you in sending all types of Communications and Notifications electronically, which may be needed at this time, and which must be sent immediately and securely.

Businesses are adopting urgent and extraordinary measures in relation to workers in order to quickly adjust to the unique situation that we are experiencing.

It is essential that the procedures for communicating or notifying workers of Temporary Employment Redundancy Plans, and other communications related to changes in working conditions, are carried out securely and through the channels that the current situation allows, and in any case in compliance with the prevailing legislation.

We put at your disposal our Certified Electronic Notification and Communication services that can be used immediately, with full legal assurances and with the level of demand that your organisation needs:

  • Certified Electronic Notification: We generate evidence of the identity of both the sender and the recipient, as well as evidence of the integrity of the text sent and of its delivery and receipt thereof. These are certified electronic notifications, with the same legal assurances as certified postal notifications.
  • Certified Electronic Communication: It generates evidence in the sending of those documents that require certification of the integrity of the content and that it has been made available to the recipient, all via mobile phone or email.
  • Certified Email and SMS: It generates evidence of the content with assurances that it has been made available to the recipient on a mobile phone or in an email inbox.

All of Logalty’s services have been designed by lawyers, and all services therefore meet the highest standards and offer full legal assurances.

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