Remote signing of real estate contracts

Through electronic means you can give continuity to your business.

Giving continuity to the real estate business through digital tools is possible thanks to the fact that almost everyone has a device with an Internet connection, be it a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, with which they can search for apartments and carry out most of the transactions that until now were done in person. That is why today more than ever it is important to be able to digitise your business model.

Through Logalty’s electronic contracting and communication services, you will be able to formalise and notify those transactions that were placed on stand-by, postpone agreements with full guarantee, and execute sales and rentals that remained uncompleted. You will also be able to execute new contracts, without having to do so in person.

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With the Logalty electronic signature you will have the same assurances as with a written signature. This moment is an opportunity to go digital, giving coverage to all your clients and employees.

Likewise, the real estate sector can manage all their properties and send communications to all the parties involved through our electronic communication and notification service, as valid before the courts as the certified postal notification.

Some examples of what you can do with Logalty are:

Electronic contracting service:

  • Pledge agreements
  • Real estate management, project management, human resources management

Electronic communication service:

  • Maturities and renewals
  • Debt prior notices
  • Certified letters
  • Real estate invoices
  • Information on casualties

Electronic notification service:

  • Debt claims to tenants
  • Change of contractual clauses with tenants
  • Contract termination
  • Staff issues
  • Insurance cancellation

Using our services is easy and intuitive; ask us, we will help you.