Signing contracts remotely, without contact and with legal robustness, is possible

In these extraordinary times when face-to-face business models are rapidly evolving into digital business models, being able to sign documents electronically has become indispensable in ensuring the continuity of your business.

An electronic signature that offers the same guarantees as an in-person handwritten signature and that, in addition, is conducted securely in compliance with legislation.

With our signature via SMS with One Time Password (OTP) code we guarantee that we can reach 100% of your clients, because, in this day and age, all users have a mobile phone at hand.

How does it work?

  • We send your client an alert via email or SMS to their mobile phone, in order to access the signing of the contract.
  • The client conveniently examines the documentation from their device.
  • The contract is signed with a single-use SMS code sent to their mobile phone.
  • Upon conclusion we generate a certificate with the electronic evidence of the contracting, which is stored with a notary public for greater security.

Easy, accessible and immediate.

Logalty’s OTP SMS signature entails savings in operational costs and resources, reduces signature time by 87% compared to a paper-based signature as an SMS takes 2 seconds to reach a mobile terminal, and increases the productivity and efficiency of processes.

We have over 10 years of experience and 27 million transactions signed with this OTP code signing method.

In addition, we store with a notary public the summary hash of the transaction with integrity of the content.