Logalty and the Association of Administrative Managers of Catalonia collaborate for the electronic processing of vehicle sales

The members of the Catalonian association will be able to send the file securely and it will be processed with the DGT (Spanish Directorate General for Traffic), all carried out electronically.

The Association of Administrative Managers of Catalonia has certified Logalty, company that provides services that involve the generation and custody of evidence by electronic intermediation ensuring the legal security of electronic transactions, for the electronic processing of the documentation pertaining to vehicle sales with the Directorate General for Traffic (DGT).

In taking this step, Catalonian administrative managers advance in the digitalisation process, securely streamlining the acquisition of vehicles thanks to its agreement with Logalty. All this in compliance with the principles of necessity, effectiveness, proportionality, legal certainty and security, transparency and efficiency, and applying technological innovation to administrative processes and document management.

From now on the association members will be able to send the file securely to the Association of Administrative Managers of Catalonia through Logalty, who shall be responsible for the electronic verification of the identity of the intervening parties, and they will receive the signed documentation that will be processed by the DGT.

This agreement is a further step in the digitalisation of processes related to vehicles, where the Association of Administrative Managers of Catalonia was a pioneer, promoting the first telematic registration of vehicles through a proprietary platform that has evolved over time, and which now allows the telematic deregistration of vehicles, transfers, changes of ownership, environmental labels, etc.

This is feasible because the DGT, seeking to promote digitisation, has simplified its administrative procedures by supporting remote electronic identity verification, as well as electronic contracts and powers of attorney.

The Directive from the Directorate General for Traffic, No. 20 / V-143, dated 23 April, for the unification of criteria and reduction of burdens in administrative procedures relating to vehicles, sets out the conditions for the digital processing of these contracts to be possible:

  • Electronic identity verification with the support of a service offered by a qualified trust service provider registered with the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, with which Logalty is also registered.
  • The acceptance of electronic contracts, in particular, sales contracts.

The acceptance of powers of attorney in electronic format. The power of attorney – generic or specific for a procedure – enables the administrative manager to act on behalf of their principal, and must be formalised in accordance with the standard form set forth by the DGT, and must be stored during the legally established period.