#Logalteando, the Tech guessing game

In this day and age, sometimes it is necessary to rest a little and relax with a pastime. At Logalty we want to help during those small switch-off moments, and for this we have launched ‘#logalteando’, a genuine panel-style game reminiscent of the traditional ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ or ‘The Hangman’, in which, with a simple description and hints in the form of letters, participants have to ascertain a word related to our company, its activity and the whole Fintech, Insurtech and Legaltech ecosystem.

Where can you play this game?

This pastime will be periodically published in our Twitter account, so that our followers can test their knowledge and discover which new word is hidden… ‘Digital Identity’, ‘Blockchain’ or ‘Smart Contract’, inter alia, are some of the varied and diverse words that must be deduced from a brief definition. If this is not sufficient to find the hidden word, there will always be a few visible letters that will enable you to successfully solve the panel.

Learning while disconnecting

With this game you can discover new terms that perhaps you are not so familiar with, and even data and activities concerning our company and its environment. It is always a good time to learn, and what better way to do it than with this fun activity that we propose.

We want to maintain a positive attitude and we are sure that with this pastime you can have a good time.

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