FIFTEEN is not just another number, it is evidence of our success

FIFTEEN years have passed since Logalty renewed its image but with the same objective – to be pioneers in streamlining value chains and anticipating new technological advances so that our clients stay at the forefront of legal tech and sign contracts with effective electronic evidence.


LLogalty has extensive experience in transforming and reinvigorating business models with a clear focus on ensuring the maximum legal guarantees. For FIFTEEN years we have adapted to stay in line with what our clients want: “We want effective identification, communication and contracting”. See video.


We are celebrating Logalty’s first development, “Postaltrust”, like a gold record in the music industry, where the volume of transactions is proof of its great success. Over the years, we have changed and adapted to new challenges: we have become more flexible, more digital and more UX, but our essence has never changed, Logalty is evidence.

As our CTO, Juan Pablo Mora, said: “This Gold Record is version 1.0 of our applications, the Genesis of our current service and where it all began. Many years have passed since then, technology has advanced and both our and our clients’ needs have evolved, but the content of that record is still part of the DNA of today’s code: the implementation of a state machine that allows documents to be signed with full legal validity. It is really satisfying to know that the current system still accepts requests from our clients from ten years ago. Keeping backward compatibility in mind when developing new technology is a challenge but also a part of our philosophy.”

10 years ago, change had already taken such a hold that the integration of the digital world into business relationships was unstoppable. So José Manuel Oliva writes in his article, noting that the presence of the Third Party was essential to ensuring a solid legal basis.

This year, as Logalty celebrates its FIFTEENTH anniversary, we are in the middle of a critical moment. Circumstances have given digital transformation the final push it needed and connecting with other economic agents online is no longer just an option but necessary for them to survive.

We are here to support you with our electronic evidence for your contracting, communication or digital identification processes.