Logalty and atmira are joining forces to expand the SIREC collaboration ecosystem and incorporate new financial solutions.

Logalty is joining atmira to expand the SIREC collection ecosystem with a debt-centric vision in an open banking paradigm.

One of the main points of this agreement is related to the world of repayments. Logalty is joining Atmira’s Collection ecosystem with three big innovations. Firstly, thanks to Logalty, the SIREC platform automating debt collection can offer certified Video Identification services. Assisted and unassisted video identification can also be combined with structured and unstructured document capture and validation services and even identification services for a fee. Through this innovation, SIREC enables businesses to act with the speed that market agents want, quickly defining new accelerated solutions for individuals who are partway through repaying their debt.

Logalty’s entrance into SIREC’s “as-a-service” ecosystem also represents a significant update in terms of Certifying Notifications: Electronic communications, certified SMS, electronic and postal Burofax and certified email.). Atmira is aiming, through SIREC, to fully digitalise the repayment process and, in this context, Logalty is generating and safeguarding all the traceability for electronic evidence: provision, content integrity, time stamps for each stage of the process, delivery notes, delivery of documents in a durable medium, etc.

Logalty is also joining a Digital Dialogue with its clients. In this business transformation context, Logalty is providing SIREC with a record of the online statements of will corresponding to the payment agreements with the client. In this way, Logalty is helping the ecosystem to electronically accept payment agreements through the use of different signature systems such as OTP via SMS, digital handwritten signatures or digital certificates.