PropTech and certified contracting in the real estate sector

There’s no going back! In recent months, the real estate sector has undergone a significant digitalisation process that has allowed it to evolve to the extent that we are now witnessing the birth of the online property market, otherwise known as the “PropTech sector”.

The property market business has shown its ability to adapt by modernising its processes, integrating them into the digital sector and incorporating them into their business strategies in order to be able to continue being competitive in the market. The most significant advantage is certified contracting and the possibility of signing documents remotely, without the need for both parties to be present at the agreement

Now, many houses are viewed virtually, moving from only showing photos to giving the client a closer look at every room using different formats that offer real experiences. This process is becoming a common denominator for those companies that want to go a step further, opting for communication between agents and clients without the need to do so in person; an added value in the user experience.

However, this is not the final step. This digital harmony must be extended to the relevant administrative procedures. It is a way of streamlining them by making the most of technology to ensure a transparent, secure and time-saving process for the parties involved. In this way, the entire life cycle of a sales process is covered.

All these changes are merely a source of opportunities to make the sales process much faster and more efficient for both parties. At Logalty, we verify and check that this sales cycle is as secure as the face-to-face one, a way of reducing the difficulties of the sector and optimising it by increasing its efficiency and profitability thanks to our technological solutions.  We show you how in our video:


Where can Logalty step in to make it digital?

Logalty offers the ideal solution for digitalising the business model of any company in the real estate sector, a perfect opportunity to go digital. Our electronic signature will give you the same guarantees as a handwritten signature and, what’s more, you will be able to enter it from any of your devices and in any location, quickly and easily. These are the advantages that we offer our clients!

The current climate requires companies in the real estate sector to work on making the necessary adaptations to be competitive and offer clients a more modern, intelligent and efficient experience. In this necessary technological innovation, our electronic signature guarantees the reduction of risks, times and costs. Complete security when signing your contracts so that you can focus on enjoying the process!

This is an important step forward, not only for this sector, but also for our economy, due to its fundamental role in both the creation of direct employment and in all the services associated with the purchase or sale of a property.

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