Bankinter and Logalty sign an agreement to offer digital signature and certified communication services to the bank´s companies.

Bankinter becomes Logalty’s first distribution partner.

Bankinter offers its corporate clients Logalty’s digital platform Logalnet, with the best conditions on the market.

With this distribution agreement, Bankinter becomes the first distribution partner in order for Bankinter SME companies to have access to Logalty’s Electronic Services: Digital signature in Certified Contracting, Certified Electronic Notification and Certified Communication, as well as its Certified Postal Notification service, in a simple way and with no licensing or implementation costs.

In the words of Rafael Sánchez, Director of the SME Area at Bankinter and Maria Dolores Pescador, Executive Chairwoman of Logalty: Thanks to this agreement, Bankinter offers its corporate clients a high value proposition that will help them to boost their businesses in the digital ecosystem with the greatest legal security and compliance, providing them with greater speed, convenience, peace of mind and confidence in their day-to-day business.

Why did Bankinter choose Logalty?


Unlike its competitors, all transactions made through its Logalnet platform are time-stamped with an eIDAS-qualified time stamp and deposited with a notary.


Its platform is not only easy and intuitive, but also technically sound, thus guaranteeing the highest standards in all its operations.


Because it does not require any additional software installation, making it a particularly fast and accessible platform.

With Logalty’s maximum legal and technological security, since clients will operate with the same level of service and the same legal guarantees as if they were working directly with our company. In addition, its companies will be able to reduce costs, improve their efficiency and strengthen the legal and technological security of each process.

All of this on Bankinter’s own website and using one single platform, Logalnet.

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