Logalty acquires SmartBiometrik to add biometric identity verification to its value proposition

Logalty, the leading company in technological identification, notification and certified contracting solutions for more than 15 years, has acquired the company SmartBiometrik in order to complete its portfolio of services with disruptive and innovative solutions in the field of digital identification and security.

This purchase marks another step in its commitment to digital evolution and innovation, integrating pioneering artificial intelligence technology that will allow Logalty to complete its services with biometric identity verification via video call.

This is the second acquisition and merger for the Logalty Group since MCH Private Equity became the company’s investment partner. In June 2020, MCH PE acquired RegTech Solutions to expand the group’s services and solutions with digital products dedicated to compliance.

With the integration of SmartBiometrik, more advanced solutions will be created that allow the Logalty Group to lead the digital contracting market in a context where uncertainty and constant changes in legislation make it necessary for companies to invest in technology and Regulatory Compliance in equal measure, thereby providing the highest level of security and compliance to digital identity solutions worldwide.

SmartBiometrik was founded in 2019 as an expert in user identity verification technology, specialising in digital onboarding and biometric verification solutions. Its solutions are legally valid in Europe and meet the highest standards of quality and safety. It is an innovative and pioneering company in the development of disruptive solutions in video identification processes for the financial sector, among others, and its identification services have been integrated into the major video call platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. It has more than 500 customers for biometric onboarding, video biometrics, document sharing and virtual meeting solutions. Its plan for the future is to offer an assisted or unassisted identity verification system to all Microsoft or Google license holders in a wide range of processes.

“With the acquisition of SmartBiometrik, we are demonstrating our commitment to innovation. Logalty aims to help its customers accelerate their digital evolution and for this we need passionate teams and companies with technology and digital transformation at their core, as we have seen in SmartBiometric”, said María Dolores Pescador, Head of the Logalty Group.

For Jose Antonio Gutiérrez, CEO and founder of SmartBiometrik, “joining Logalty is an opportunity to combine our innovative product range in a robust and consolidated company, confident that we are creating a unique real identity product that will become the standard for virtual identification, bringing the highest level of security to the market”

Through this acquisition, the Logalty Group is able to create an innovation and development hub in Seville, led by José Antonio Gutiérrez. Luis Gutiérrez-Jondra, Logalty CEO, assures us that “this allows us to create and implement all of the solutions that Logalty is committed to offering as a clear strategy for growth and value-added service for our customers. The expertise and creativity of the team led by José Antonio Gutiérrez will help us to extend its agile methodology throughout our organisation, with all that this entails”.

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