Prevent online fraud and build business’ trust in digital relationships with IDon via Microsoft Teams

  • Online fraud against insurance companies in Spain increased by 12% in the second quarter of the year compared to the first quarter.
  • The hardest-hit industries are telecommunications and retail.
  • On an international level, attempts at technological fraud against insurance companies increased by 159% from April to June.
  • Logalty launches IDon, the best electronic identification and contracting solution, in a collaborative application adaptable to the regulatory needs of each sector.
  • IDon via Microsoft Teams video call allows you to hold meetings, identify, manage and sign deals in real time, creating a trusted user experience.
  • IDon is the only digital solution that allows for electronic identification and contracting through Microsoft Teams, one of the most widely used working environments in the public and private sector.

Now is the time for change. Currently, communication has evolved and immediacy has become one of the greatest differentiating factors in all sectors. This forces companies to adapt to the new times and to establish new ways of connecting with their clients.

One of the channels that has revolutionised the way organisations communicate, both internally and with clients, is the video call. It is a form of contact that allows us to recover the trust, closeness and power of face-to-face communication via a digital environment.

For the continuity of this growth, there is one factor that is imperative for businesses: having the guarantee of operating in secure environments with agile and robust identification that avoids lengthy processes that discourage the consumer and which, in turn, prevents cyber fraud attempts.

Traditionally, corporate identity theft and counterfeiting increases after natural disasters and economic crises. Commercial fraud primarily focuses on obtaining financing, consumer credit and defrauding insurance companies.

In Spain, according to data provided by TransUnion, the most common illegal practices during the second quarter were identity theft in the telecommunications sector with an increase of 152%, abuse of retail promotions with an increase of 42%, and misrepresentation in online communities with an increase of 11%.

In addition, suspicious behaviour in Spain intended to deceive companies grew by 12% in the second quarter of the year compared to the first quarter. On a positive note, Spanish insurance companies have reduced suspected fraud attempts by 9% compared to the same period last year.

These practices are also important at the international level. This is evidenced by the fact that according to a study by TransUnion, attempted technological fraud against insurance companies grew by 159% from April to June, compared to an increase of 134% in the first quarter of the year. In addition, on a positive note, there was an overall decrease in suspected attempts of digital scams, which decreased by 14% compared to the same period in 2021.

To address this issue, Logalty is the best solution thanks to IDon, a collaborative application embedded with Microsoft Teams that allows you to meet, identify, manage and sign transactions in real time, all within the same call, providing a unique user experience. The perfect way to digitalise any company’s business model in order to successfully move into the telematic era and increase competitiveness!

It is worth noting that IDon is the only solution on the market capable of performing all these operations within the Microsoft Teams environment, where there are currently 270 million active users per month. IDon is therefore a very powerful and flexible solution that is easily adaptable to the work environment.

Advantages of IDon

Commence with user identification, continue with document, operational and client management, and conclude, if you need to, with Logalty’s electronic signature within the video call itself. All in the same “end to end” solution with Logalty’s technological security and legal guarantee, and the trust of Microsoft. These are the advantages we offer with this service:

For you:

  • Identify an existing or new client, with innovative and effective identification techniques
  • Possibility of using biometrics in the identification process if the act in question so allows
  • Request and manage documents
  • Extract and validate data from documents by collating their relation to each other
  • Close deals on the spot and face-to-face
  • Obtain a report after each session with proof of what happened during the video call and information on worker productivity during video calls.
  • Improve your client quality and satisfaction indicators, reducing the technology gap
  • Use a tried-and-tested tool (Microsoft Teams) that is used widely, avoiding problems with new devices that may be used.

For your client:

  • Convenient for consultations and operations that require the attention of an agent, without leaving the home
  • Remote connection via Microsoft Teams, a tool that is already in everyday use and can be used without needing to be downloaded
  • Access to the data (documents and images) transmitted in each session, which are stored directly on the client’s servers
  • More humanised contact. Attending to the client, answering their queries and helping them to upload the documentation from their devices, completing the signing of the contract without losing the face-to-face contact with the agent, and maintaining confidence throughout the process.


How does IDon work?

At Logalty we support our clients with technological innovation, simplifying processes in order to reduce risks, time and costs. Discover the steps to be taken:

  1. Commence the meeting with a video call: schedule meetings with your clients, employees and collaborators to process and sign documents, while maintaining visual contact at all times!
  2. Identify your client or potential client: we simplify regulatory compliance with a guided online identification process to generate the same trust as a face-to-face meeting, so you can walk them through the steps to verify their identification. In addition, the system is prepared to ask security questions and verify the answers on the spot.
  3. Request documents: customise your process by requesting the documents you need, providing your client with the option of uploading them on the spot or later, at their convenience. You can also extract and validate data from documents, collating their relation to each other.
  4. Signature: Complete the transaction with an electronic signature in real time, reducing the attrition rate. Time to sign consents, mandates and documents within the Logalty contracting process, which you can customise to be multi-party, multi-signature, multi-document and include other Logalty services;
  5. Guarantee: at the end of the video call a report is generated that includes the following data:

The connection time between the agent and the client

Video call data provided by Microsoft’s servers

Event logs related to document requests and uploads

The hash or electronic fingerprint of the contracting process

You have the option of recording the whole call or different parts of the call.

IDon is the perfect opportunity to take your meetings to the next level.

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