Sustainability in the Logalty ecosystem

  • Our customers have electronically processed 2.51 billion DIN A4 sheets.
  • Together, we have prevented 231,000 trees from being cut down, saved 1 million cubic metres of water, and reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 93,000 tonnes.

As advocates of the Global Compact, at Logalty we have taken the Sustainable Development Goals as a basis for our work roadmap to ensure the advancement of our society in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

Our philosophy, rooted in ESG principles, helps our customers become paperless by using our digital products, ultimately reducing their carbon footprint and having a positive impact on the planet.

It is our duty to be responsible when it comes to business operations, reinterpreting remote interactions and bringing digital products to society that help us to take care of our environment in an honest way.

How paper use affects the environment

The process of manufacturing, distributing and consuming paper involves the overexploitation of natural resources which is harmful to nature, and has a series of knock-on effects, including:

  • Deforestation
  • Effect on ecosystems and their biodiversity
  • Emission of pollutant gases into the atmosphere
How Logalty solutions does its bit

At Logalty, we know exactly how our products are making a difference. They have a positive impact on the environment by reducing paper use, printing, storage, and the energy that would have been spent on transporting it (SDG 13).

With our digital solutions, not only are we offering the highest standards in terms of security and trust in operations, we are also helping our customers to become paperless by involving them in a shift towards a more sustainable model, in line with ESG standards.

Our customers have electronically processed 2.51 billion DIN A4 sheets. In measurable terms:

  • We have prevented the use of 35,000 tonnes of paper, and therefore, the cutting down of 231,000 trees.
  • We have saved 1 million cubic metres of water that would have been used to produce that paper, which is the equivalent of 207,000 wash loads per year.
  • We have reduced CO2 emissions by 93,000 tonnes, which is equivalent to the emissions produced by 18,600 cars per year.
How our customers are making a difference

Thanks to the shift in how organisations operate as a result of the digital evolution, our customers are becoming key players in the efforts to protect our planet and the drive towards sustainability.

The trust our customers place in Logalty is helping us to lead the challenge of promoting measures in favour of sustainable development and that assist companies with their digital transformation.

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