Involvement and commitment to ESG criteria

Here at Logalty Group, the UN Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals act as a roadmap that we follow to help us make a difference by continuing to be who we are, acting respectfully and being committed to helping our society – something we take personally.

Since the 2030 Agenda was approved in September 2015, here at Logalty Group we have worked tirelessly to align our corporate management processes with the SDGs so that we can do our part – by positively acting on our commitment to take action – to help society continue to advance in a way that is sustainable and inclusive.

We have become a benchmark company in the sector thanks to our digital solutions and proven ability to boost economic growth and help the environment and society. This step forward has allowed Logalty Group to create new business opportunities, manifesting full transparency by publishing our strategies and demonstrating an ability to integrate ESG factors into our company’s policies. This has helped us improve our relationships with our stakeholders and promote innovation.

In this regard, at Logalty Group we are categorically working towards meeting the goals associated to creating decent employment and economic growth (SDG 8); we generate a positive impact on the environment by eliminating paper, printing, storage and the energy used in travelling (SDG 13); we are committed to reducing inequalities (SDG 10); and we earmark 0.7% of our profits to social projects which we support and develop (SDG 1 and 2). Three solidarity actions that we have contributed to this year are clear testament of this:

  • Digitalisation of the elderly: we support Fundación Alares, which toils to improve quality of life through implementing strategic actions that help bridge the digital divide in the elderly, helping them become more comfortable in digital environments.
  • Digital training in Sudan: we fundamentally see technology as a way to build a more equitable world and, consequentially, we provide our full support to Comboni College of Science and Technology in Khartoum, Sudan, allowing it to provide training in digital skills to people from marginalised communities.
  • Reinsertion thanks to biometry: through our collaboration with the organisation It-willbe, we aim to find innovative technological solutions to society’s biggest problems. That’s why we back the biometric recognition project set up by It-willbe to reliably identify undocumented people, which is being used in India, Sierra Leone and Senegal.

At Logalty Group, we are well aware of the vital role we play as a company in achieving these goals, which is we don’t just incorporate corporate social responsibility into everything we do, but we also stick by it, which makes us a responsible and sustainable company.

Our employees, clients and surroundings are the most important assets that we have, and that’s why we work to develop a business strategy predicated on the values that we want to be remembered for: generosity, bravery, excellence, innovation, employee satisfaction and a commitment to our clients and society as a whole.

We are fully committed to the planet and social development, and we continue striving to create a better future!

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