Logalnet: Logalty’s digital platform for estate agents in Catalonia

Logalty and API Cataluña are combining to form the ideal partnership: estate agents who are members of the API Cataluña professional association will be able to make use of our new digital platform, Logalnet, free of charge by accessing it from their personal area, allowing them to take full advantage of the array of legal and technological services that Logalty has to offer.

The professional association for real estate agents, API Cataluña, has reached an agreement with Logalty – a leading company in the Spanish legaltech and regtech sector that provides a range of digital identification, notification and electronic contracting technological services – granting its members access to the best solutions for digitising their processes and the same technology and security guarantees as a large company.

All of this is thanks to Logalnet, a unique digital platform which streamlines the digitalisation of all internal processes through remote signing, allowing documents to be signed using any device and from any location, thus doing away with time-consuming travel. It truly is the perfect tool for boosting the efficiency of API Cataluña’s estate agents, no matter the task at hand.

With Logalnet, they will finally be able to grow and evolve in the digital realm, resulting in reduced costs and increased sustainability – thanks to significantly cutting down on paper consumption – and bolstering the legal and technological security of all electronically performed procedures, giving all parties involved much needed peace of mind.

Logalnet, the technology platform designed for SMEs

In their quest for a simple way to get closer to their clients while enjoying all legal assurances, SMEs have found Logalnet to be the perfect ally.

This digital platform has been specially designed with SMEs in mind, offering them an easy-to-use and legally recognised solution to boost digital growth and improve their digital image by allowing them to provide their clients with a fast, quality service and enhance all areas of their company, all without the need for costly and tedious implementation.

In addition, Logalnet is proved to have a positive impact on the business side of things, as it optimises competitiveness in the marketplace and enables companies to reach more clients than ever before, increasing their conversion rate and saving them money on resource management.

Advantages of Logalnet for members of API Cataluña

As the most complete digital platform on the market, Logalnet allows you to:

  • Sign all types of documents and contracts (down payments, property visits, rental, purchase and sale, deposits, etc.), send urgent mail by post or electronically (debt claims, non-payment, change in conditions, notifications, etc.) and send digital communications, reducing costs and improving the efficiency and sustainability of your business.
  • Enjoy the latest technological developments with no investment required, putting you on a par with large companies.
  • Boost the legal and technological security of all your processes, with guarantees provided by Logalty, a leader in the sector.

How can I take advantage of these benefits?

Some questions have a simple answer: Logalnet is an agile and easy-to-use digital platform, and API Cataluña members will be able to enjoy all of its features by accessing it from their personal area.

All this will be possible from one single platform, making it the easiest, most convenient and secure way to manage their business, with no integrations or licensing costs.

This agreement is the perfect opportunity to drive the digital growth of your estate agency business!

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