Our certifications

Logalty is a best practice in the European market for maximum compliance with IT Security requirements.


We are the only eIDAS qualified service provider that meets the highest security standards, providing our clients with the peace of mind of being 100% compliant with all regulations and 100% compliant in terms of our products.

We meet the highest standards

Spanish National Security Framework Certificate (ENS) ‘High’ Category

This certifies compliance at the highest level with the principles and requirements that enable appropriate protection of the information and systems that process it, ensuring the certified contracting and certified notification service has the maximum technical and legal security.

The fact that it is difficult to become certified according to the ENS ensures that Logalty’s processes have robust and appropriate security systems, thus setting it apart from other trusted service providers.

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ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System Certification

This certifies the effective implementation and continuous improvement of a business continuity management system, which ensures resilience and contingency recovery capacity in the services provided by Logalty.

This certificate gives confidence to clients who base part of their processes on the services we provide.


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ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certification

This certifies the effective implementation and continuous improvement of a security management system covering the information and services provided to Logalty’s clients.

This certificate is particularly important given the sensitivity of the data Logalty handles from its clients as data processor.

eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider Certification

This certifies that Logalty can operate as a Qualified Trust Service Provider providing services regarding the issuance of Qualified Certificates for Electronic Signatures and Seals, Qualified Time Stamping and Qualified Electronic Delivery.

In addition, Logalty includes all eIDAS qualified services in its products.

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  • Qcert for ESig

    Qualified Certificate for Electronic Signature

  • Qcert for ESeal

    Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal

  • QWAC

    Qualified Certificate for Website Authentication

  • QTimestamp

    Qualified Time Stamp

  • eDelivery

    Qualified Electronic Certificate Delivery Service