National Association of Financial Credit Institutions

Improving financing activity

It is an organization with great influence on decisive aspects of consumer credit, which allows us to provide our services in all European countries with greater guarantees.

  • National Association of Financial Credit Institutions

    ASNEF is a business organization that acts as an indispensable link among financial institutions specialized in consumer finance and Public Administrations in Spain, other Spanish and European professional associations, and users of financial products, and whose work facilitates the access to consumer and production goods to consumers, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

    It includes almost all the specialized financial and credit institutions and a large number of companies, not only from the credit sector but others. Its Work Commissions act as a discussion forum studying the concerns and projects of the associated entities with the aim to improve the activity of consumer credit.

  • ASNEF LOGALTY, much more than joining two names

    ASNEF and LOGALTY founded ASNEF LOGALTY, a company whose objective is providing the Spanish financial sector with trust services, with evidence generation, through an interposed Trusted Third Party and other related services for the Spanish finance sector.

    ASNEF LOGALTY processes for electronic contracting and notification, ensure online legal security with the highest standards, being the most tested, flexible, and suitable for the Consumer Credit and Financial Sector, what constitutes a standard and continuous guarantee of success regardless of the complexity of the project.Asnef-Logalty

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