The Smart Data Company that transforms Big Data B2B into solutions for Risk, Marketing and Compliance

Leaders in the supply of Business Information

With an aggregate turnover of €100M in 2018, Informa is the leading Company in the supply of Commercial, Financial, Sectorial and Marketing Information.

INFORMA provides us with its knowledge in the management of information and in the optimization of processes marked by the dizzying technological evolution.

They lead the way, now they are the way

Founded in 1992 by CESCE with the aim of establishing a Business Information Server in Spain, it currently has a national database with 6.7 million registered economic agents and, as a member of the D&B Worldwide Network, it offers access to online information of 300 million companies around the world.

And in Spain?

INFORMA D&B has a staff of more than 350 people, its headquarters are located in Madrid, and there are 20 branch offices within Spain.

They are also part of CESCE, a reference group in comprehensive risk management with over than 1,600 employees serving more than 140,000 customers, with a turnover above €420m.

INFORMA D&B, a good solution for many companies in decision-making in Risk Management

89% of the Ibex 35 companies and more than 95% of the financial entities, together with 3 million users through its three brands, Informa, eInforma, and DBK, already trust the leading company in risk-based decision making.

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