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Logalnet, the digital platform of Logalty for SME´s

With Logalnet, you can finally grow and evolve on a digital level while reducing costs, improving efficiency, increasing sustainability and strengthening the legal and technological certainty of each electronic communication process undertaken between you and your customers, suppliers and employees.


This can all be done on a single digital platform customized for SME´s, that is not only quick and easy to use, but that also doesn’t require any implementation. Furthermore, it also allows you to provide a fast and global service to all areas of the company, including legal, technical, HR, sales and finance departments, etc. Through a single provider, you will be able to access all our services:

  • Express Contract with digital signature (quick and easy)

  • Advanced Contract with digital signature (with signatory order and documents)

  • Certified Postal Notification (the long-used Spanish Burofax Postal, with the same security as ever)

  • Certified Electronic Notification (like Burofax Postal, but totally digital)

  • Electronic Communication (digital and with the knowledge that your communication has been opened)

  • Certified Email and SMS (quick with proof of what has been sent and received)

Clear and transparent rates

Clear, fixed and transparent rates for each service, with no surprises at the end. Simple system through the purchase of vouchers adjusted to all needs, allowing you to use the balance to make use of all Logalnet services that you need indistinctly. In addition, all vouchers include free credit.

Digital Contract Signing


Certified Postal Notification


Certified Electronic Notification


Electronic Communication


Certified Email and SMS


*All our services are included in the base rate: Integrity of the content of the documents, five (5) years custody –two (2) years for certified SMS/emails–, eIDAS qualified time stamping, maximum weight of electronic documents up to 1 MB, notarial deposit of the hash of the transaction and in the electronic services, including sending to all participants of the Logalty Certificate and copy of the signed document. LOGALTY’S services include the ratification of the issuance of the certificate in court. Taxes are not included in the service prices.


Maximum legal certainty and compliance

Level of service and legal guarantees when formalising contracts with Logalty. Technical soundness and full regulatory compliance with our services.

Cost savings in management resources

In document signing, printing and scanning, paper, archiving, document tracing, lost and found management, and in the tracking of sent and transferred items.

Transparent and adjusted rates

All rates for all services are clear, fixed and transparent.


Through a single, simple, easy, fast and intuitive website tool with no integration required.


It saves time, signing without having to travel using any device in any location. It improves business conversion rates.


Reduction of paper consumption, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Do you want to be our partner and offer your clients more services?

Join our Logalnet distributer Network to take your business further and to offer your customers our services, helping them in their digital evolution in an agile and sustainable way.

Benefits of being our partner

Giving value to your customers

Helping them in their digital transformation and making their businesses profitable, giving them access to top quality and secure services, with a leading company like Logalty.

Enhancing your digital image

Being a tech partner committed to a sustainable economy by eliminating paper and the impact of your carbon footprint on the environment.

Building customer loyalty and closing more sales

Offering new digital services that will help you build loyalty and attract new business.

No implementation costs

Using a single web platform with no integration required, so that it can be used immediately. It’s as easy as that.

Increasing your sales margin

The distribution of Logalty’s services is a way of adding profitability with regard to your customers.

Maximum legal certainty

Logalty ensures the entire process with a legal guarantee, as well as the compliance with current regulations.

Why choose Logalty as a partner?


We have extensive experience in developing agile digital signature solutions for formalising contracts, notifications, communications and identity-related procedures in digital processes. Over 48 million documents have been signed through Logalty.

Maximum certainty

With Logalty, you reduce the risk of potential legal claims, as we are experts in developing our clients’ multichannel e-commerce areas, ensuring full regulatory compliance and full evidentiary effectiveness.

Third party by interposition

Logalty acts between parties as a Trusted Third Party by Interposition, which guarantees the evidentiary validity during the whole process (not just when using the digital signature) and distributes it to notary publics.  In addition, at the end of each transaction, Logalty sends a certificate with evidence of what happened in the process and the corresponding outcome.


With Logalty, you can offer your clients a single technological platform that will allow them to easily cover all their signing, contract formalisation, notification and electronic communication needs. Furthermore, we will gradually add new services to cover other possible future communication needs that may be required for your clients’ digital evolution.

If you would like to become a distributor of our services, please ask for further information.

Our Partners

Bankinter, a Partner distributing Logalty’s electronic services.

Bankinter SME customers can access directly from the website Logalty’s digital platform (Logaltnet), through which they can reduce costs, improve their company’s efficiency and enhance the legal and technological security of each process. They have access to the following services:


  • Digital signature with Express Contract or Advanced Contract.


  • Certified Electronic or Postal Notification (Burofax).


  • Certified Electronic Communication.


  • Certified email and SMS.


All with maximum legal and technological certainty.

Using a single platform in the easiest, most convenient and secure way for SMEs. Without integrations or licensing costs.

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