A great reference and a shareholder that makes us even bigger

We combine Logalty’s Certified Postal Notification and SEUR’s experience and leadership in express transport, together with Logalty’s enhanced guarantee as an Interposed Trusted Third Party

SEUR is the benchmark operator in the urgent transport with more than 75 years of history, leader of this sector in Spain with three main business lines: international, electronic commerce, and B2B business for companies of all sizes and sectors. It has been serving more than 1,200,000 customers, thanks to a fleet of 4,600 vehicles, including green vehicles and more than 1,400 local stores.

Logalty and SEUR have been sending Certified Postal Notification with effective electronic evidence for more than 10 years in more than 140 countries.


Once the monopoly on the sending of certified postal notification ended in 2009, we banked on revolutionizing the sector together, with a simplified and simple management service from the computer, without commuting to the post office or waiting.

Electronic evidence

Logalty is the only postal operator that provides certified postal notifications with electronic evidence by intermediation and notarial deposit of the transaction. Electronic evidence is kept for a minimum of 5 years and is always available to the issuer.

100% online

All phases of the process (preparation, management, traceability, and delivery) are 100% electronic, thus achieving greater agility. As the documents certifying the content and the delivery are electronic originals, the risk of loss of the physical documents is eliminated and allows to be presented electronically with complete validity.

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