ID Validation

Your certified validation for operation codes via SMS

Your certified validation for operation codes via SMS

Sending numeric codes of a single use understood as passwords with a third party interposed guarantees validity and can be used as evidence in a trial.

Your certified validation for operation codes via SMS

Do you know how it works?


You make an OTP Code request via SMS, providing us with the user’s data.


We send the hash of the request to the Certification Entity for its registration.


The Certification Entity registers the hash, saves the copy and adds and returns the timestamp.


At this point, we generate and send the OTP Code via SMS to the user, who is responsible for entering it on the web and triggering the validation process.


After the validation, we issue a certificate with the process data and result, keeping the original and the generated evidence.

All of this with security guarantee, since the user’s maximum validity time, is limited to 30 minutes for entering the code.

It guarantees that only the authenticated user can access, increasing the security of your systems.

It avoids time losses or unnecessary investments, implementing an operation code management mechanism (OTP) sent by SMS in a simple and inexpensive process.

ID Validation Service

Thanks to our OTP Certified Validation service via SMS, you can generate solid evidence of each access operation.

This allows us to provide added value within the ecosystem of communication services, Certified SMS, and others:

  • Increasing the security of your users.

  • Reducing technical complexity.

  • Increasing legal security.

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