Banking Sector

Optimize your processes and let us help you develop your business model

Offer a complete digital experience

We want you to meet your customers’ needs by providing them with digital experiences that differentiate you from the competition.

Greater customer satisfaction

With our electronic contracting service, you reduce the signing time, increase security, and user-friendliness, providing greater end customer satisfaction.

Increase productivity

Get a direct impact on your income statement by boosting productivity and saving costs, with full regulatory compliance and total legal security.

Express consents

Collect consent to be able to make savings simulations or insurance campaigns for future clients.

“We generate electronic evidence to provide your process with legal robustness”

  • Contract signature:

    • Multichannel consumption financing
    • Account openings
    • Contractual consents
    • Express Acceptance
    • Suppliers
    • Microcredits
  • Electronic communication:

    • Maturities
    • Debt prior notices
    • Details of outstanding invoices
    • Terminations
    • Sending signed documents

Electronic or postal notifications:

  • Debt claims
  • Changes in the existing contractual clauses
  • Contract termination
  • Credit cancellation
  • Private Banking

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