2019: Goals accomplished

We have accomplished our goals in 2019 and we are already working in 2020 to continue sharing new services, products and innovation with all of you.


We started the year with a new corporate image and a new website in Spain for our European operations and in Mexico for our Latin American transactions. We generate and safeguard Distributed Evidence by Intermediation, and we thus have become the first Interposed Trusted Third Party in Europe, with our inclusion in the European Trust Services Lists (TSLs), our own Public Key Infrastructure (‘PKI’), and trust services assessed in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.

The Banco de España (the Central Bank of Spain) published the “Report of the Complaints Service 2018” where it has once again insisted on the importance of informed consent in contracting through electronic means. Namely, proof of the delivery of pre-contractual information and that it is provided on a durable medium. In 2019 Logalty and Asnef Logalty have redesigned all the workflows of the electronic contracting solution to enable compliance with all the Supervisor’s transparency requirements affecting these relevant aspects.

Logalty has always been committed to strict regulatory compliance and to the effective probative value of its services. As a result, in 2017 it became a member of ETSI to help with its knowledge and experience in the standardisation and normalisation of electronic services and digital identity. In June, only two years later, Logalty organised in Mexico City, in conjunction with ETSI, the “Workshop ETSI-LOGALTY”, to present the European framework of standards in trust services based on eIDAS and relate it to its application in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

At Logalty we believe in the importance of innovation. One of the most important lines of work in which we are moving forward is ‘Smart Contracts’. Throughout 2019 we are designing and developing the automation of contract processes with centralised test evidence matrices. Our challenge is to develop an environment that allows the insertion of self-executing clauses agreed to in a Smart Contract. This necessarily requires the existence of an evidence matrix unconnected to the parties that formalise the contract.

Logalty is celebrating in 2019. We have reached the milestone of 4 million Certified Notifications sent with Effective Electronic Evidence to 140 countries. For over 10 years we have been assisting in the digital transformation of our clients and the coexistence of electronic media and postal services. We have updated our ‘LogalSend’ delivery platform giving it much more power in the centralisation of all the information and documentation relevant to each notification, and providing it with new operational functionalities. The year 2020 will continue to be a year in which Logalty is committed to its Certified Notification, as well as in helping clients in their migration to the certified electronic notification.

To close the year, Logalty can announce the appointment as of 2 December of a new Managing Director: Nacho Arribas. He is a professional with extensive experience in risk management, credit or digital fraud prevention in companies such as ASNEF, EQUIFAX, CTI, INFORMA, REINTEGRA and VERIFICA. Nacho will lead the strategic horizon of Logalty in its current lines of business and in the company’s new strategic lines, such as the digital identity database for the prevention of electronic fraud, or smart contracts, where work has already commenced.

José Manuel Oliva
Managing Director

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