New launch: Logalsend

Logalsend is a sending platform that generates electronic evidence with both electronic and postal delivery.

Logalty is an active partner in companies’ digitization processes, that’s why we are well aware that the electronic tools facilitating our user’s processes cannot be static. Furthermore, it is necessary to be proactive and seek constant improvement to be sure that we keep their functionalities at all times and even improve them.

For this purpose, the team of experts working on user experience evolved our sending manager to Logalsend, by taking advantage of Logalty’s technological wealth and electronic communication capacity.

Logalsend sends communications with both electronic and postal delivery and the main innovations can be grouped into two categories:

Sending improvements:

  • Bulk uploads: This function makes it easy for you to upload a file for bulk sending of one or more documents in an efficient way.
  • Custom templates: easy to create in Word and paste it later in the Logalsend editor respecting formats and texts, and to include the custom fields that will be automatically filled in. Likewise, you can upload images to personalize your document or hire our personalized template design service.

Improvements in management functionalities:

  • Home screen: An intelligent table with the information of your sendings allows you to filter, search by joining several criteria, and download only the selected information.
  • Tracking: This new function simplifies the management of your transactions by accessing the relevant details to download the different files in a quick and intuitive way.

If you are interested in receiving further information, do not hesitate to contact us