Pelayo Vida implements document validation and a digital signature system to speed up the signing of insurance contracts

Thanks to an agreement with Logalty, the company offers a certified electronic contracting service that improves the agility and efficiency in electronic signature processes at the points of sale. The validation of the identity documents provided during the process is also done digitally.PELAYO VIDA is an insurance company specialized in Life insurance, Savings and Pension plans that has developed a new technological app facilitating the electronic signature in subscription processes.

This new digital solution has increased the benefits and levels of customer satisfaction, streamlining the contracting processes without forgetting the highest standards of legal guarantees and technological security for the benefit for all interested parties.

The validation and signature solution stands out for its easy use, allowing any client to sign the contract digitally in a simple way at the same time that PELAYO VIDA can validate the ID card of the signatory, allowing as well the loading of any supporting documentation necessary.

For these electronic processes, PELAYO VIDA has reached an agreement with LOGALTY, a trusted third party that generates electronic evidence by intermediation specialized in generating and keeping electronic documents with full legal, technological, and operational security in contracting, notification and electronic communication processes.

This process is currently in its launch phase so that in the coming months it will be implemented throughout the organization.

This implementation places the company in a preferential place in the Insurance Sector in terms of Digital Transformation.

This solution, in addition to improving customer satisfaction rates, offers great efficiencies in the use of both financial and human resources.