Qualified electronic signature and qualified electronic seal

On November 28 Logalty was entitled to provide various trust services ruled by Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014, of July 23, eIDAS.

Firstly, the service for issuing qualified certificates for electronic signature allows LOGALTY to reliably identify natural persons participating in business processes, as well as allowing them to create the qualified electronic signature remotely, which is the one that offers the most legal guarantees and recognition, both in Spain and European Union. Thanks to this service, LOGALTY clients will be able to formalize contracts and send communications to individuals with whom they have no prior relationship, even in operations subject to money laundering.

The service for issuing qualified certificates for electronic seals allows companies and other legal entities to reliably identify and authenticate documents and electronic messages, facilitating the automation of their business processes and maintaining the highest legal guarantee.

On the other hand, the service for issuing qualified website authentication certificates enables Logalty to prove the electronic identity of web pages, contributing to the fight against computer crime, thereby increasing the level of security of business processes substantiated on the Internet.

Finally, the qualified electronic timestamping service makes it possible to prove the moment in which the electronic operations took place, enjoying a legal presumption of existence and integrity of the contents which is very important for the fulfillment of the legal conservation obligations.