End User > Acceptance for Third party by interposition (ES-EN)

Both Parties agree to execute this contract electronically with the cooperation of an Third party by interposition. In order to do so, the PREDISPOSING PARTY or LOGALTY will send the pre-contractual information or a copy of the contract to the ADHERING PARTY, using the e-mail address indicated.

In order for the ADHERING PARTY to access the contract, LOGALTY will make available to the ADHERING PARTY the mechanisms required for it to access the contract. After accessing and reading the contract, the ADHERING PARTY will be able to accept the terms set forth in the contract using the mechanisms provided by LOGALTY. Thus, generating electronic proof of such acceptance.

LOGALTY will forward to both the PREDISPOSING PARTY and to the ADHERING PARTY an electronic certificate evidencing what has occurred in the process. The ADHERING PARTY will receive this certificate at the e-mail address indicated.

In order to guarantee the legal enforceability of the procedure described above, both Parties agree:

  • To appoint LOGALTY as Third party by interposition, entrusting it with the generation and safekeeping of proof of such transaction has been executed, for a minimum of five years.
  • That, pursuant to article 3.10 of the Electronic Signature Law, currently in force, the use of the electronic signature mechanisms proposed by LOGALTY (listed below) shall have the same validity for both Parties.
  • In order for LOGALTY to provide the service as an Third party by interposition, we inform you that, in order to render trust services, all needed data will be made available to LOGALTY, for the sole purpose of the generation and safekeeping of electronic proof of the existence and contents of the transaction in question.
  • In line with the foregoing, LOGALTY will be considered as a data processor pursuant to article 28 of the Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, of April 27th of 2016, and the national laws that could complement it, with the obligations incumbent upon it as such.


The following are the mechanisms made available by LOGALTY for access to and acceptance of the terms:

  • Electronic signature recognized by the ADHERING PARTY;
  • Signature traced by hand on an electronic device;
  • PIN sent by SMS (texted) to the ADHERING PARTY, who will enter it, if appropriate, on the LOGALTY website;
  • PIN sent by VOICE to the ADHERING PARTY, who will enter it, if appropriate, on the LOGALTY website.