Final User > Acceptance of the intermediating Third Party by Interposition (Global-EN)

LOGALTY provides trust services consisting of the generation and custody of evidence obtained through electronic intermediation. These services evidence the issuance of statements of intent in this environment, as well as the compliance with the formal requirements linked to these statements.

The manifestations of will that LOGALTY certifies can refer to the remission, the reception or the acceptance of specific files and can be issued by means of several procedures, among others:

  • Via SMS, with an operation code (PIN). THE ACCEDING PARTY must enter that code on LOGALTY website.
  • Via VOICE, with an operation code (PIN). THE ACCEDING PARTY must enter that code on LOGALTY website.
  • By capturing the stroke of the digitized handwritten signature of the ACCEDING PARTY on an electronic device with dinamic data capture.
  • By using qualified electronic signatures.
  • By using advanced electronic signatures.


To be able to provide this service, it is necessary that YOU accept:

  1. LOGALTY participation as a Third Party by Interposition in the transaction, with the exclusive purpose of generating and safeguarding proof of the issuance of a specific manifestation of will.
  1. The electronic signature procedures for the issuance of manifestations of will previously stated, being considered as adequate to prove them.
  1. For the provision of services, it is necessary that LOGALTY receives information about YOU. LOGALTY will use your data exclusively to comply with the accrediting mandate entrusted. For this reason, it will be considered as a data processor, acting on behalf of the controller, with the inherent obligations to this figure.