Legal Area

We provide effective electronic evidence by intermediation

Your secure digital environment

We credit electronic transactions in the digital environment with robust and effective evidence that can be presented before courts and sectoral regulatory bodies.

“We generate electronic evidence to provide your process with legal robustness”

Contracts with qualified signature

Conclude your contracts with us, we offer security and reliability in all your signature processes within the digital environment. You will have all the legal robustness of a qualified signature recognized in all EU Member States.

Secure Agreements

We generate and custody evidence of your agreements by electronic intermediation, we provide evidence by means of an accredited certificate with a digital fingerprint presented before a notary, guaranteeing the integrity of the content and the provision to the parties.

  • Reduce risks:

    • Traceability of each transaction
    • Documentation deposited before a notary
    • Evidence custody
    • Probative value in court
    • No risk of subsequent handling
    • Qualified signature recognized throughout the EU
    • Accreditation of the previous provision as well as subsequent in durable support.
  • Increase productivity:

    • Certified notifications and communications
    • Automation of the contract signing process
    • Different signatories in a single process
    • Availability from any place and channel 24 hours per day
    • Savings in management, time and storage costs.

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