Real Estate Sector

Boost your business by adapting to new technologies in electronic contracting

Reduce risks, time, and costs

We provide the signing of real estate contracts with full security so that you don’t have to worry about anything but selling

“We generate electronic evidence to provide your process with legal robustness.”

Innovation and competitiveness

Given the anticipation of growth and increase in real estate transactions, you need to innovate to become more competitive, offering your customers a more modern, smart, and effective experience.

More agile contracting

Using our electronic contracting service allows you to streamline the signing of documents related to the purchase, financing or management of the real estate, reducing the risks, times, and associated costs significantly.

  • Contract signing:

    • Engagement agreements
    • Real estate management
    • Property loans
    • Project management
    • Staff
  • Electronic Communication:

    • Maturities
    • Debt prior notices
    • Renewals
    • Certified letters
    • Invoices

Electronic or postal notifications:

  • Debt claims to tenants
  • Change of contractual clauses with tenants
  • Contract termination
  • Labor aspect related to employees
  • Insurance cancellations
  • Information on casualties

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