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Digital Identification

We help you with your identification processes, providing them with trust and security so that you have digital identities more secure.
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Certified Contracting

We do not restrict ourselves to obtaining the signature of those who formalize the contracts, our contracting workflow designed by jurists takes into account all the formal requirements of electronic contracting with consumers. In addition, we do all this in a simple and fast way on all your devices, anywhere and without installing applications.
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Certified Communication

We generate evidence of the identity of both the sender and the recipient, of the integrity of the text sent and of its delivery to the recipient. In short, we send an Certified Electronic Notification with the same legal guarantees as a postal one.
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Legal vocation, our advantage; Technology, our passion

The difference between Logalty and our competitors is our legal vocation. Logalty has been designed by jurists to avoid any probative problem and to obtain a legally robust evidence and effective before the courts of justice.

Over the last 10 years, we have generated electronic evidence for more tan 78 million documents without special controversy regarding its provision.

Why does the EU trust Logalty?

Why does the EU trust Logalty?

  • We build our solutions based on eIDAS services and reinforce them using our own intermediation model.
  • We are European Trust Service providers assessed in accordance with eIDAS Regulation (EU) no. 910/2014 of 23 July.
  • We are certified with ‘high’ category according to the Spanish National Security Framework (ENS) which guarantees that our processes have robust and appropriate security systems.
  • We are ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified, which certifies the level of technology, legal services and human teams that underpin the services we provide.
With the legal advice of:
  • Garrigues

Our figures

61 million electronic signatures

More tan 61 million electronic signatures in Spain have been made with us.

192 million documents before a notary

We have deposited more tan 192 million documents before a public notary to ensure their integrity.

115 million transactions

More than 115 million electronic transactions have been made through us.

147 countries

Our clients have signed contracts in more than 147 countries with Logalty electronic signature.

92% faster

92% of our clients’ contracts are electronically signed, improving the running time by 87% with respect to hard-copy format.

Positive Impact

We produce a positive impact on the environment by eliminating the paperwork, paper printing, storage space, and saving travelling expenses.