ASNEF LOGALTY’s trust services have already been evaluated in accordance with eIDAS Regulation; Regulation (EU) 910/2014

Since the eIDAS Regulation came into force in July 2016, (perhaps the main rule on the creation of the European Digital Single Market) LOGALTY has been very committed to this new environment and has unleashed its full potential for technology and innovation so that its Trust Services and certified electronic Identity obtained the evaluation of compliance with the eIDAS Regulation.

For this purpose in late 2016, it began the necessary investments to design, implement, and deploy a public key infrastructure (“PKI”) for the issuance of its own certificates and electronic time stamps. Likewise, in the same year, it obtained the UNE-ISO / IEC 27001 certification and incorporated the COBIT5 framework as an IT governance system in the company.

All this, together with the work done for years in managing information security processes, procedures, and controls, leading it towards the new regulation, has allowed LOGALTY to achieve this highly relevant milestone in this first quarter of 2018: the evaluation in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.

What does this imply for ASNEF LOGALTY and its Services?

LOGALTY, in its strategic alliance with ASNEF, has always sought to ensure that its Trust Services and, specifically, Certified Electronic Identity, have the maximum legal, regulatory, technological, and operational guarantees to help ASNEF Associates, and the financial community as a whole, with the transformation of business models, the digitization of processes and multi-channel self-service.

With the evaluation of assessment with the eIDAS Regulation, the solution that LOGALTY brings to the market has the maximum possible guarantees of regulatory compliance, taking another step further in the evidentiary effectiveness, given that to the extent that qualified services are used The presumption of authenticity of ASNEF LOGALTY services, especially in the field of contracting and notification.

What Trust Services have obtained the compliance evaluation with the eIDAS Regulation?

In the construction of the new European Digital Single Market, and within the framework of the regulator’s instructions, trust service providers are currently evaluating four Building Blocks in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation:

  • ELectronic Signature “eSignature”, that certifies natural persons’ actions
  • Electronic Seal “eSeal”, that certifies legal persons’ actions
  • Time Stamp “T&S”, that certifies the exact time on which the action occurs
  • “Web Authentication”, that authenticates the website identity.

LOGALTY has obtained the conformity assessment on these four components incorporated into its Solution, offering Trust Services in the Evidence Generation and Custody through intermediation.

The objective is not to stay here, but to achieve the conformity assessment of the rest of the Building Blocks of the Digital Single Market as the regulator and the evaluating companies make progress. The aim is to get the evaluation compliance for the rest of the “blocks”

  • “eDelivery”
  • “eCustody”

In this way, ASNEF LOGALTY is helping, from Spain and from the Consumer Credit Sector, to the creation of the European Digital Single Market, trying to reduce the fragmentation and allowing progress in the interoperability of the business processes of that sector, with the maximum legal and technological security possible.