Logalty’s identification and qualified electronic signature solutions are boosted by its acquisition of Firmaprofesional

  • As the deal is central to the growth strategy of Logalty – the Iberian Peninsula’s leading company in the LegalTech industry, it will enable the group to develop new qualified certification and digital identification solutions.
  • Logalty’s acquisition of Firmaprofesional enhances its geographical scope, technological innovation and client base, so much so that the group can further consolidate its position in strategic sectors such as public administration, health and education.
  • Ever since MCH acquired Logalty in April 2021, the group has taken control of four entities in a bid to rival the leading LegalTech and RegTech companies across Europe.

After emerging as the leading LegalTech and RegTech company in Spain, based on its expertise in the delivery of digital identification, notification and e-procurement solutions, the Logalty Group has acquired Firmaprofesional with a view to broadening its range of qualified electronic signature, digital identification and trust services, on the one hand, and further consolidating its prominent position in the LegalTech and RegTech sectors, on the other.

With a portfolio of more than 1,000 clients, Firmaprofesional is a leading provider of trust services in its own right and offers a plethora of technological solutions tailored to the disciplines of qualified certification and electronic signatures, and digital identification for third parties. The deal will enable the Logalty Group to benefit from the experience accumulated by Firmaprofesional over the past 20 years. Both companies complement each other in terms of the geographic areas in which they operate, the technologies they use, the clients they serve and the solutions they deliver. As such, the group’s client portfolio will be extended to include public administration authorities, especially those in health and education. Moreover, Firmaprofesional’s workforce, comprising a team of 45 professionals operating out of its offices based in Barcelona and Madrid, will be incorporated into the group.

Maria Dolores Pescador, Executive Chairman of the Logalty Group, remarks that “we are incorporating Firmaprofesional’s workforce into the Logalty Group to enhance our qualified electronic signature service, while branching out into new sectors and extending our geographic reach. By working together, we can draw on more than 35 years of experience to deliver innovative technological solutions and reinforce the legal guarantees we provide to our clients”.

As for Albert Lluch, a Board Member of Firmaprofesional and CEO/General Manager of Grup Med Corporatiu, he asserts that “Logalty’s acquisition marks a key milestone in Firmaprofesional’s strategy. As part of a consolidated group on the Spanish LegalTech market with the potential to overtake all competitors in the fields of digital identification and qualified electronic signature in Europe, we have the perfect platform from which to maintain and improve the service we offer to our clients, while enhancing the professional prospects of our employees. Grup Med Corporatiu will continue to support this project through its shareholding”. 

According to Andrés Peláez, a Senior Partner at MCH Private Equity, Logalty’s recent acquisition of Firmaprofesional strengthens the group’s position as a leader on the Iberian market. In turn, we are laying the groundwork so that the group, which is currently the 4th largest LegalTech and RegTech company in Europe, can continue to grow on that market and develop a comprehensive service that offers unequivocal legal guarantees in national and international online transactions”.

After the acquisitions of Regtech Solutions, SmartBiometrik and DigitalSign, this deal represents a further step in the growth strategy and international expansion plan set out for the company by MCH Private Equity, along with Ardian Growth and Swen Capital Partners. Logalty will remain committed to this approach as it seeks to establish a company of global scale and to consolidate its position as one of Europe’s leading players in the sector.

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