IDon: the best technological solution to bring trust and security to more traditional generations

  • Although many companies focus their digital marketing on attracting early adopters, in many cases millennials, as the potential consumer market, the fact is that the more traditional generation accounts for over 70% of all consumers.
  • IDon is the perfect tool for removing technological barriers by virtually supporting older consumers in video calls and for completing commercial processes where trust is essential when it comes to signing documents.

The adoption of technology by different types of customers is something that companies need to consider when launching any type of product. Different customer profiles have different needs and, therefore, a different approach to new products:

  • Innovators are the first to try out and even develop new products, especially technological products.
  • Early adopters try new services and products if they think they might be of benefit to them, influencing the purchasing decisions of other groups.
  • Pragmatic consumers, the largest group, try new products if they have heard positive things about them.
  • Conservative consumers are traditional and don’t easily adopt technological products or services.
  • Sceptical consumers are reactionary to innovation and technology due to either their beliefs or age.

A digital divide has formed with the last two groups as we’ve failed meet their need for face-to-face interaction and to understand how to properly connect with this group of older people. However, we shouldn’t forget that the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly minimised this digital divide as it forced the most reluctant groups to ‘go digital’ during the lockdowns, although they obviously aren’t using the same technology as the younger generations.

Analysing this context, an increasing number of companies are realising that these new habits could open up a whole new playing field. As such, they’re working to find the right mechanisms for these groups to feel comfortable in their digital relationships. To do this, it’s important to understand how these groups use technology and what are the main barriers that they face:

  • They’re more responsible in their use of technology.
  • They’re cautious when it comes to sharing their personal data. They need to feel that they’re in a trusted process.
  • They want to know each step of the online processes. They require clear, direct and visual communication.
  • They need purchases to feel secure and easy.
  • They want to talk to a human being who can help with their online processes.
Why is IDon the perfect solution for this less tech-savvy group?

Security, trusted face-to-face interaction and immediacy. These are the three most important things for customers in their digital relationships.

In a world in constant flux and with the ongoing rise in online fraud, both in Spain and across the world, companies are becoming increasingly aware that they need to avoid tedious online processes and move their commercial processes into secure environments.

Logalty burst onto the market to put an end to this problem and to revolutionise traditional banking, consumer finance, insurance and any other industry where the face-to-face closing of sales is streamlined with an electronic signature, which also brings trust and legal certainty.

IDon is the only collaborative app on the market for digital meetings that allows users to identify customers, manage the uploading of documentation and sign transactions in real time without leaving the secure environment of Microsoft Teams. Everything is recorded and stored, back by Logalty’s legal guarantee and the technological security of Microsoft Teams.

IDon puts an end to the digital divide, enabling any customer to connect directly with their manager in a way that is totally secure and in a face-to-face session that builds total trust.

The process starts with customer identification, then goes through document, operational and customer management and concludes, when necessary, with electronic signature within the video call itself. All this with the technological security and legal guarantee of Logalty and the trust of Microsoft, creating the best customer advantage by meeting their digital needs: offering human contact that makes the customer feel accompanied at all times.

This is why IDon is a very powerful and flexible solution that can easily be adapted to each customer through a risk-free process with simplified time frames and costs.

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