Humanise and secure your digital processes with IDon

  • IDon: Logalty’s cutting-edge solution that speeds up digital processes and provides efficient real-time assistance to financial and insurance entities, distance sales companies and human resources departments.
  • Improve your clients’ experience and optimise your assistance and contracting procedures with IDon, Logalty’s identification and electronic signature platform.

IDon is the platform from Logalty that allows you to undertake identification and contracting tasks with help from an operator, available via video call. Logalty offers its financial and insurance sector clients a solution that allows them to provide real-time assistance to their clients and guarantee success in all their digital processes. In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know about IDon and how you can use it in a range of situations in order to enhance your clients’ experience and streamline your procedures.

Client assistance in digital processes for financial entities

One of the main challenges faced by financial entities is providing their clients with agile and efficient assistance during online processes, particularly to those who are technologically illiterate and are unable to successfully complete certain procedures, as may be the case in online contracting. With IDon, Logalty has come up with a solution that is extremely effective in this situation, as it allows clients to connect to an operator in real time via video call using Microsoft Teams, thus eliminating the need to download additional software. Let’s take a look at two use cases:

  • Requesting a loan: Imagine a middle-aged or elderly client is trying to request a loan via a bank’s application or website. During the process, they are asked to upload some documents, but they are having problems or make a mistake when trying to do so. In this case, the client can click on “operator assistance” and schedule a video call with an operator from the bank. The operator will take them step-by-step through the process of uploading the documents, and the client may even sign the contract via Logalty’s electronic signature platform in the video call.
  • Purchasing financed products: Sometimes clients wish to finance their purchases, as is particularly the case with expensive electronics and home appliances. During the process, they are asked to upload some documents, but they make a mistake when trying to do so. In this case, the client can ask for help and contact an operator via video call. The operator will guide them through the process of uploading the documents, helping them avoid mistakes and ensuring a fluid experience. In addition, the client can even sign their financing agreement in the video call with the legal certainty guaranteed by Logalty.


When the video call in Logalty IDon comes to an end, effective evidence of the events is generated in the form of a deed, which is safeguarded by a notary and contains trace of each step of the process, including all the information provided by Microsoft regarding the connection to the video call and all the evidence supplied by Logalty.

Distance selling of high-value products and higher education

Companies that specialise in the distance selling of high-value products, such as solar panels or distance-learning master’s degree courses, can optimise their sales processes with Logalty IDon. Not only does it offer them video calls as an additional channel with which to communicate with their clients, it also allows them to perform entire contracting processes with Logalty’s legal security guarantees during the course of the video call, making the process much more manageable for clients. By using Logalty IDon in distance selling, you’ll be able to achieve the following goals:

  • Generate trust: Thanks to real-time interaction via video calls, salespeople can develop a closer relationship with potential clients. This enables them to answer questions, clear up doubts and provide additional information, which in turn generates trust and increases the probability of closing the sale. What’s more, video calls help prevent clients from falling victim to deceitful sales tactics such as phishing.
  • Close a sale in real time: Instead of sending contracts by email or text message, which runs the risk of losing momentum and the opportunity to close the sale, IDon lets you sign contracts directly during the video call, backed up by Logalty’s legal guarantees. This streamlines the process and ensures that the agreement is entered into immediately, taking full advantage of the client’s interest.
  • Requests for documentation and assistance: If additional documents are needed during the sales process, with IDon you can request them from the client in real time during the video call. In addition, the operator can offer the client assistance and help them upload the required documents, thus eliminating future problems and effectively capturing the sale.
  • Process guarantee: Logalty generate effective evidence of the events in a deed safeguarded by a notary, which acts as a guarantee of what actually happened during the contracting process.

Onboarding employees who work remotely:

One of the main tasks of human resources departments and selection companies is recruiting and onboarding new employees, something that has become increasingly difficult given the prevalence of remote work nowadays. IDon has become an essential tool, helping them:

  • Generate trust and guarantee the identity of the new employee: During the recruitment and onboarding process, it is vital that the company instils trust and safety in the new employee. IDon uses video calls to achieve closer and more personalised communication with potential employees, which helps establish a strong link from the very beginning. In addition, IDon uses identity validation processes that effectively guarantee the identity of the candidate.
  • Deliver documents and request information: The IDon platform makes it easier to provide new employees with all the documents they need, such as manuals, company policies and employment contracts. On the other hand, employees can upload documents to the company’s records directly during the video call with the human resources employee.
  • Sign contracts and documents: IDon facilitates the process of signing employment contracts and other relevant documents in real time during the course of the video call. This creates more streamlined processes and eliminates the need to send physical or electronic documents separately, resulting in a more efficient experience for the company and the new employee alike.

Logalty’s IDon platform offers clients across a range of industries a comprehensive solution that speeds up digital processes and adds a personal touch when providing assistance. Whether for the financial or insurance sectors, or distance selling or human resourcing departments, IDon optimises the client’s experience, improves operational efficiency and guarantees security during identification and electronic signature processes. By rolling out IDon, companies can reach greater levels of client satisfaction and streamline their operations in the digital realm.