The Notary Law: transforming electronic signature and certification with Logalty

  • The Notary Law has undergone a significant change that has revolutionised electronic signature and certification processes for notaries. With the implementation of these new regulations, notaries can now sign and certify documents digitally, making legal processes considerably more efficient and straight-forward.

Security is key for notaries when electronically signing and certifying documents. At Logalty, we’ve developed a robust and secure technological infrastructure that meets the highest standards in terms of data protection and privacy. Find out all about the updates that this law has brought in and discover the Logalty solutions that are most relevant to notaries.

What has the Notary Law changed?

As we were saying, the new Notary Law allows notaries to perform a wide range of procedures online, helping facilitate their work and reducing the time they take to complete them. Such procedures include:

  • All company deeds, from incorporating a company to appointing positions, dismissals, power of attorney in trade relations, capital increases or decreases, modifications to statutes, changes of address, liquidations, etc.
  • Minutes of general shareholder meetings and records of statements.
  • Trade policies.
  • Power of attorney to appear before public bodies, vote and for other specific actions.
  • Revoking powers, except for preventive powers.
  • Payment receipts and cancellation of guarantees.
  • Initial requests for deeds and formalities that can be performed via videoconference.
  • Certificates of authenticity of signatures.
  • Deeds for new construction work without termination of co-ownership or transfer of property, and division of horizontal property.
  • Wills during an epidemic, for as long as mandated confinement lasts.
  • Conciliation, whenever considered appropriate by the notary.
  • Legal deeds and undertakings required by law, given their nature.

Logalty Group offers solutions that help notaries with the tasks of digital identification, certification and signature. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and its strict compliance with all relevant regulations, Logalty Group can guarantee the certainty required by notaries when carrying out such important digital tasks. In addition, Logalty is a qualified service provider, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation, and acts as a third party by interposition, granting it the ability to generate evidence of all transactions.

Logalty’s solutions meet the strictest safety and privacy standards, ensuring the confidentiality of personal data and minimising the risk of identity theft. What’s more, thanks to its rigorous controls, it also guarantees the integrity of documents and the authenticity of the signatures appearing on them, thus bestowing upon them legal validity.