Logalnet, the number one solution for SMEs and self-employed workers

  • Logalnet is a comprehensive package which boasts all the services SMEs and self-employed workers need.

What is Logalnet?

Logalnet is the most complete platform on the market, with which SMEs and self-employed workers can access all of Logalty’s services, including sending documents and contracts that need to be signed electronically, certified postal or electronic notifications and certified electronic communications via email or SMS. Logalnet helps SMEs reduce costs, improve their efficiency, save time and become more sustainable. It goes without saying that Logalnet provides all legal and technological certainty guarantees, which ensures that all communication with clients, suppliers and employees is at all times legally secure.

The platform is simple and intuitive to operate and there are no hidden installation, implementation or licensing costs. What’s more, the services it offers cover all needs that a company may have, be they related to legal, technical, human resource, commercial or financial aspects.

What makes Logalnet stand out from the competition?

  • Unlike other platforms available on the market, Logalnet is designed exclusively for companies and self-employed workers, levelling the playing field between small and large companies by allowing them to access cutting-edge technology without the need for huge financial investments. While some of our competitors concentrate more on bigger companies with a larger turnover, Logalnet provides self-employed workers and SMEs with the same services while adapting them to their consumption needs.
  • In addition, other platforms offer only a monthly or annual subscription; Logalnet, on the other hand, is much more flexible, with multi-use credits available for different amounts and for any of our services, meaning that they only pay for what they use, doing away with the need to make recurring payments.
  • Another of the main benefits of using Logalnet is that it boasts the best price on the market for sending certified postal notifications. Not only can you send notifications throughout Spain, Logalnet is also one of the few operators that allow you to send certified notifications to other countries in Europe and to the United Kingdom.
  • All of Logalnet’s services are included in the price of the base rate: Sender guarantee, content guarantee, guarantee of delivery, guarantee of reception and execution for applicable services, effective notarial intervention, qualified eIDAS time stamps, generation of a certificate confirming the sending and guardianship of evidence for six years for electronic contracting, five years for postal and electronic notifications, and two years for certified SMS and emails.

What services does Logalnet offer?

On the Logalnet platform you can access all of the services Logalty has to offer:

  • Digital contracting: for signing contracts and other types of documents. This can be requested by either of the signatories or by a third party acting as an intermediary. Up to four signatories are included in the base rate. There are two options available:

Express contract: simple and with no signing order.

Advanced contracts: with signing order.

  • Certified notifications: for starting legal procedures or other actions that require robust legal evidence. There are two different types:

Certified postal notifications: the traditional method wherein the letter is delivered to your home and you sign for it upon receipt.

Certified electronic notifications: just like the postal version, but the letter is delivered by email and the signature is collected via the platform.

  • Certified email and SMS: for sending documents that communicate low-risk information. This method guarantees evidence of sending, content and delivery to an email server or mobile device, although it does not guarantee receipt by the addressee.
  • Electronic communication: for notifying another party of actions or events without the need for robust legal proof, as no signature is required upon receipt. It may be sent via email or SMS and it ensures the content of the communication and that it has been sent and received, but there is no signature.

How to use Logalnet

Logalnet has been designed to be as straight-forward and intuitive as possible. When registering and purchasing any of the services it offers, you will be shown clear details regarding which information you need to enter and which step of the process you are currently at.

First, you’ll need to create a profile by entering some basic personal information, which will allow you to set up your account. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to purchase a voucher and start using any of our services. In the Services section you will find an in-depth description of each of the services, including their characteristics, price and examples of use. After you have selected your chosen service, enter the required information and you’ll be able to send your communication in just three short steps.

What are the advantages of using Logalnet?

  • The platform offers users access to new technologies while granting legal and technological certainty without the need to make any kind of investment, and it can be used on any mobile device, PC or tablet.
  • All areas of a company’s business can benefit from this fast and comprehensive service provided by a single supplier.
  • There is no cost for setting up new users and it is simple to use.
  • When you create an account – whether you are a company or self-employed worker – we give you free credits which allow you to use our services free of charge.
  • You can buy vouchers tailored to your consumption needs, and whenever you purchase a new one we’ll give you extra credits for free so that you can make even more sendings.
  • All of Logalty’s service come with eIDAS certification.
  • By having 24/7 access to all services in the same place and without having to physically visit an office, Logalnet saves you time.

What do users think about Logalnet?

According to our most recent survey, users who have tried Logalnet are so pleased with the results that 71% would use it again. Some of the most well-received aspects are:

  • The customer service received from Logalty
  • The variety of the services offered
  • The sending tracking feature
  • The ease of access, payment and use of the services
  • Incident resolution
  • The sales information received and details of the different services provided.