We create value and we have values

Not only we integrate Corporate Social Responsibility into everything we do, but also we comply with that duty and this makes us a responsible and sustainable company.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is based on four pillars

Each client’s needs are different, so we listen first and then we offer the service that best suits your specific needs. All our services enjoy full confidence, generating processes which the client does not have to attend, always guaranteeing full legal security with the advantages and cost savings that this entails.

Human capital is our most important resource and is the key to a good development of our business strategy. One of our most appreciated corporate values is the orientation towards our employees’ satisfaction.

We promote gender equality and do our utmost to create a working atmosphere in which our employees can develop themselves trying their best.

As a Company, we have a serious commitment to society and we must empower its sustainable development.

We work on projects that impact on the welfare of the most vulnerable groups.

We work with suppliers that share our business model and our values.

Commitment and responsibility

CESCE Group Code of Ethics

It is the action framework for all our employees and managers of the Group in the development of their professional activity, including all the values and principles that define the culture of the Group and the companies that make it up.

Whistleblower Channel

Its objective is the reception and handling of complaints about irregularities or breaches of the principles and values of the Group included in its Code of Ethics.

Sustainable development objectives

Since we became Signatory of the Global Compact in 2014, we are committed to compliance with its principles and its implementation and, therefore, to respect human rights and labor standards to preserve the environment and to act with transparency in our activities and operations.

In September 2015, after the approval of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which represent the road map to achieve an advance of our society in a sustainable and inclusive manner, we have reflected on how our actions, projects, and commitments are aligned with the fulfillment of these Objectives, working strategically in their inclusion in our business decisions.