Fujitsu and Logalty on the move to create legal-technological security in digital transformations

The agreement is a step forwards in terms of providing services in the field of Electronic Contracting and Communication and Digital Identification, enabling digital transformation to accelerate in all sectors in a secure manner.

Fujitsu and Logalty have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of leading the market in the field of Intermediation Services that enable the digital evolution of companies. This agreement focusses on development and marketing, as well as offering tailored solutions based on the needs of the client, with Electronic Contracting, Electronic Communication and Digital Identification services.

Fujitsu is a leading company at an international level in R&D services and thanks to its years of experience in Spain and network of offices, its position as market leader in fields such as the financial sector and digital transformation stands out. Fujitsu has an in-depth knowledge of the different vertical markets. This enables it to build use cases that respond to the digital business needs of its clients. The multinational’s capabilities, in terms of digital evolution, data analysis and processes, cybersecurity, cloud services, consultancy and re-engineering business processes, as well as its solution integration and development capabilities in its software factory, will strengthen Logalty’s technological aspect even more.

Logalty acts as a trusted third party by interposition in the digital transactions made between two parties in order to create and safeguard electronic evidence of electronic contracting, notifications and identification. It guarantees the traceability and integrity of content with supporting legal evidence in order to mitigate operational and compliance risks in new channels and business models. Logalty is also included in the European Union’s trusted service list or “TSL” and complies with eIDAS, regulation (EU) nº 910/2014, of 23 July, so it can offer Qualified Certificates for Electronic Signatures and Seals, Time Stamps, Website Authentications and Certified Delivery. All these eIDAS qualifications complement its evidence by intermediation services. These services will be strengthened by Fujitsu’s capabilities and presence in the sector.

This agreement is a perfect combination of technological intelligence, allowing organisations to benefit from a partnership between two companies with extensive experience and success in the national market.

Additionally, due to the current COVID-19 situation, digital transformation processes are accelerating in companies and the number of transactions carried out in online channels is increasing. This has led to the need to give transactions due guarantees in terms of confidence and cybersecurity, without causing frictions, as well as helping the digitalisation of companies.

In the words of Ángeles Delgado, Managing Director of Fujitsu, “this agreement represents another step forwards for Fujitsu Spain in our strategy of working alongside our clients in their digital transformation processes, using innovation and co-creation to create confidence. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide them with the appropriate cybersecurity guarantees in online processes and transactions”.

José Ignacio Arribas, Managing Director of Logalty emphasised: “Fujitsu is an important partner for Logalty and this agreement enables us to further strengthen joint value creation for the market. Our customers determine what strategy we use and we want our Solutions, together with Fujitsu, to continue giving them plenty of confidence and security when conducting business online. Fujitsu is helping us to be more secure, innovative, scalable and sustainable over time”.