MCH Private Equity acquires RegTech Solutions to incorporate it into Logalty and expand its catalogue of solutions

  • The Spanish firm MCH Private Equity acquires RegTech Solutions to incorporate it into Logalty.
  • Thanks to this agreement, Logalty will be able to offer a more extensive catalogue of technological and innovative solutions, which comply with the regulations, for the digital transformation of companies in the legal field.
  • María Dolores Pescador, until now CEO and co-founder of RegTech Solutions, becomes the Executive Chairman of Logalty Group.

MCH Private Equity, a leading firm in the Spanish mid-market, has acquired the company, RegTech Solutions, a solution creation and consultancy company for GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) in order to incorporate it into Logalty and to expand the legaltech company’s catalogue of technological solutions. This transaction is another step in the commitment that MCH PE, together with Ardian Growth and Swen Capital Partners, are making to the Spanish company.

In addition to providing its clients with high quality services and solutions, RegTech Solutions is responsible for implementing one of the 18 projects accepted for access to the Spanish finance sandbox, which confirms the added value that RegTech Solutions brings to the world of compliance.

Since Logalty was founded in 2005, the aim of the company has always been to guarantee the legal security of online transactions, offering solutions relating to digital identity, certification of digital transactions and contractual flows, through evidence by intermediation. The acquisition of RegTech Solutions by MCH PE and its incorporation into Logalty makes RegTech a company with a multi-product-value approach that covers the regulation compliance and digitalisation processes of the control functions of companies.

Andrés Peláez, Senior Partner of MCH Private Equity, says “with this acquisition and merger in less than 6 months for Logalty Group, we are making RegTech stronger in the Spanish market. That is in addition to the fact that Logalty is the only Spanish agent that has obtained major accounts and has managed to maintain a lasting relationship in a market that is in the middle of a consolidation process.”

In the words of María Dolores Pescador, Executive Chairman of Logalty: “Our aim is to contribute to the sustainability of our clients’ business through the digital transformation of their legal processes and excellence in the experience of the end client. With this merger, Logalty Group positions itself as a benchmark company in the legal and compliance solution sector.”

María Dolores Pescador – new Executive Chairman of Logalty

With more than 25 years’ experience in global organisations in the finance and insurance sectors, María Dolores has extensive leadership experience and an in-depth knowledge of building sustainable businesses. She has worked in senior executive roles in banks and leading companies in the sector such as Allianz, Prudential, Generali or Banco Santander, among others. In Banco Santander, as well as other roles, María Dolores worked as Director of Corporate Compliance & Conduct and Director of Regulatory Projects Control and Coordination at an international level.

In 2018, María Dolores co-founded Regtech Solutions with the aim of providing services in the field of Compliance 2.0, using the latest and most efficient technology for a faster and more innovative implementation of corporate governance, corporate defence and customer protection regulations.

In June 2021, she became the Executive Chairman of Logalty Group, which now also includes RegTech Solutions.

María Dolores is also part of the Board of Directors of VidaCaixa, as Head of the Risk Committee, and Admiral Europe as an Independent Director.