excelia and Logalty form an alliance to provide the best digital solutions with the highest legal guarantee

The agreement between excelia and Logalty boosts the implementation of technological solutions that guarantee the digital evolution of company business models through the intermediation of a third party and distribution of evidence.


The joint objective of excelia and Logalty is to facilitate the digitalisation of companies and enable them to adapt to new business models that have emerged or dramatically accelerated as a result of the pandemic, always with maximum guarantees in terms of legal security and compliance with regulations. The main value of this partnership is to mutually benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience in the markets and to apply innovative technologies that offer companies digital business models with full guarantees through the integration of systems that allow distributed evidence by intermediation.

This agreement will improve their clients’ competitive edge by implementing unique technological solutions based on their highly-specialised teams, as well as allowing for international expansion thanks to their global nature and experience accumulated over the years, reinforced by the on-site support and assistance of an extensive network of excelia offices in Latin America and the USA.


The provision of consultancy, digitalisation and professional excelia services at an international level can now be complemented and reinforced by the intervention of Logalty as a third party by intermediation, offering all its knowledge and services related to certified communication, certified contracting and digital identification. Consequently, the entire notification and/or contracting process is intermediated by Logalty as an external third party that manages all communications and contributes its Service Solutions to generate and safeguard electronic evidence by intermediation, thus guaranteeing the legal, technological and operational security of these processes. In addition, and this is a very important differentiating factor, the third party creates an evidence matrix of the entire communication and/or contracting process that includes, among other details, the dates of the communications (time-stamps), whether they have been opened by the recipient, etc. As additional proof of intermediation, so as to have evidence of the integrity of the content of transactions, a hash function is created for each of them and deposited in Notary Offices, along with the evidence of the integrity of the content that was created and safeguarded in the abovementioned evidence matrix. In this way, a notarial deed certifying the content of the documents could be requested if necessary.

All this information is safeguarded in a platform with maximum security guarantees. The data is stored exclusively in Spain so as to prevent it from being relocated and also ensure that it complies with the established data protection regulations.

Logalty intermediation is available through the excelia services portal and is integrated into all its solutions for electronic invoicing, process automation, debt collection, financial outsourcing, identification of participants in general meetings or board meetings, etc…

As Ángel López, the General Counsel for excelia, says: “in a context of online relationships where all information is generated and sent by electronic means and in which we have to use supposedly objective liability systems to safeguard information, it is fundamental to certify that digital information has not been altered and prevent it from becoming universal through, among other measures, the intermediation of an external third party and distribution of evidence. This, which is the basis for technology such as blockchain, enables us to certify the integrity of information and mitigate the risk of it being altered. The more individuals that have the same information (distributed evidence), the more difficult it will be to question the same”.

From his point of view, José Luis Martínez, Sales, Development and Managing Director at Logalty, said “this joint business development agreement boosts value creation in the markets we work in. Our customers determine what strategy we use and our aim is to confidently and securely contribute to developing their online business. To do so, we must be secure, innovative, reliable, scalable and sustainable over time“.

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