Logalty becomes the first eIDAS Trust Service Provider to receive the highest category of certification under the Spanish National Security Framework

The certificate is issued by AENOR in accordance with the Spanish National Security Framework (ENS) and represents the highest distinction for cloud notification and e-procurement services.

This latest certification not only bolsters the impressive list of distinctions that Logalty has already received, including ISO 27001 and ISO 22301, which attest to the effectiveness and suitability of its information security and business continuity management systems, but also confirms the robustness of the organisation’s systems and reassures clients that the processes they outsource to us are in good hands.

As Logalty’s e-procurement systems meet the strictest legal and security requirements, the company offers the most robust digital signature service on the market.

The electronic notifications of Logalty’s clients are transmitted in compliance with the most stringent protocols of sectors which require authorisation and administrative supervision.

What is the importance of the certification under the Spanish National Security Framework?

As the Spanish National Security Framework’s basic principles and requirements guarantee an adequate level of protection for information and services, it is possible to increase confidence in information systems and ensure that services are provided and information is safeguarded in accordance with its functional specifications, without unsupervised interruptions or modifications, and without unauthorised persons being able to access the information.

In compliance with the above, steps are taken to determine the security dimensions, the category of systems, all basic principles and the 75 measures classified into three structures: organisational structure (policies, regulations, procedures, etc.), operational structure with an emphasis on the processes implemented to guarantee adequate security management (risk analysis, capacity management, change control, etc.) and protective measures (labelling, cryptography, encryption, etc.).

In terms of categorising systems under the ENS, every security dimension is placed into one of three levels according to the impact that an incident may have on information and systems security, and directly related to the service that we are assessing and the significance of the information involved. The ENS safeguards therefore add an extra layer of protection to every level, one after the other. Logalty has opted for, and obtained, the high category of certification.


Why is it so important for Logalty?

As one of only a handful of companies to successfully obtain this certification, Logalty has gained a competitive edge over all other Trust Service Providers.

As such, the company effectively provides public administration services and is able to reduce the risk of falling foul of the General Data Protection Regulation, in so far as the introduction of ENS measures guarantees compliance with Article 32 of the Regulation.

What next?

Although this certification is valid for 2 years, Logalty, which is growing rapidly and seeking to enhance its brand value, is now taking steps to extend the scope of the certification with a view to including new services and capacities in the next few months.

In short, Logalty will not be deterred in its pursuit of growth and excellence and will continue to deliver innovative, robust and reliable client solutions in accordance with greater regulatory requirements.

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