Certified postal notifications in the digital age: use cases

  • Certified postal notifications are the number-one choice when you need to make sure that a document is delivered, particularly in the legal field or when notifying defaulting customers.
  • Purchasing certified postal notification services online simplifies the process and saves companies time, providing them with greater control by being able to track delivery and offering increased security, knowing that the document will be delivered.

Electronic communication in the digital age has brought companies countless advantages when it comes to communicating with their clients and other market players. However, there are times when physical communication is still necessary, especially in the case of legal notifications or when you need maximum assurance that a document is delivered with full legal validity and in compliance with applicable postal regulations. Certified postal notification becomes an essential tool in these circumstances.

What is certified postal notification and how does it work?

If you need to send an important document and it is important that a physical copy reaches the intended recipient with full legal assurances, certified postal notifications are the perfect solution. Although most communications are made digitally nowadays, certified postal notification still proves useful in certain situations when you require proof of the integrity of the content of the postal delivery in addition to receipt of delivery, alongside the identification details of the recipient.

The certified postal notification service offers a plethora of advantages to companies who wish to send important documents. Some of the most noteworthy are:

  • Easy online purchase of the service, simplifying the process and saving you time.
  • Digital tracking of the entire process until delivery, giving you greater sense of security.
  • Agile, far-reaching delivery service to more than 70 countries.

When can I use certified postal notification?

Certified postal notifications can be used in a wide range of situations depending on the company’s need, with its top uses being:

  1. Sending legal notifications to employees: When you need to send a legal notice to an employee of inform them of a change in their contract, certified postal notification may be the best choice. By choosing this type of delivery, you can make sure that the document is delivered and the content is intact, and you’ll even get confirmation of receipt. This can be critical if the other party claims to have not received the notification, as if they are not home, at least two delivery attempts will be made and a notice left in their letterbox giving them the option to collect it themselves, thus ensuring that the recipient is fully aware of the existence of the notification.
  2. Communicating with defaulting customers: When a company needs to inform a defaulting customer that their payment is due, certified postal notification is an efficient choice. These notifications are delivered in just 24 hours in mainland Spain. As this is an urgent delivery service, you can rest assured that the recipient will receive the notification as soon as possible.
  3. Informing other companies of a change in commercial conditions: Certified postal notification is particularly useful for guaranteeing the integrity of the content of the communication you wish to make, when modifying the terms and conditions of a contract, or when rescinding or updating it, among other things. Certified postal notifications provide you with proof that the document was duly delivered and received by the recipient in the event of any future conflict.

Whenever you need proof of the delivery of a document or legal notification, certified postal notification is without a doubt the best option. This tool combines the best of physical and digital communications to offer an agile, comprehensive and secure solution.