How to sign a real estate contract this summer: technology is your new best friend

  • Real estate agencies have one goal: to close the greatest number of purchase or rental agreements they can as quickly as possible. In order to meet this goal, staff work tirelessly all year long, but they are often hit a stumbling block during the summer months.

During this season, July and August in particular, real estate agencies come up against a number of problems. Signatures are delayed due to holidays, demand switches to tourist destinations or coastal areas, and sometimes there are additional hurdles such as managing properties overseas, as is often the case when dealing with foreigners.

Therefore, agencies must reinvent themselves this time of year to ensure they are prepared for these seasonal obstacles and make sure their business keeps making money. This is where the digital evolution plays a vital role.

Digital transformation for signing real estate contracts

Technology and new solutions make real estate agencies’ work easier and help ensure that they maintain their profitability. In the case of real estate, electronic contract and document signature solutions are enabling agencies to close deals 35% quicker than traditional methods, as they provide a boost to every step of the process.

But how can these processes be digitised? Some solutions, such as Logalnet, combine all the services needed in one easy-to-use platform, including sending contracts and documents via electronic signature, sending communications by certified email or SMS, and even sending certified postal or electronic notifications, enabling you to contact all parties involved at the right time and without delay.

How does Logalnet work for real estate agencies?

It’s really simple:

  • The agency accesses the platform and selects the service they wish to use, depending on the documents they need to send.
  • The addressee or addressees can receive the information on any device, whether a mobile phone, computer or tablet.
  • This means that all processes can be completed 100% digitally and at any time of day, saving time and money as the parties themselves get to choose when to perform the operation. There is no doubt that this speeds up the process during the holiday season.

The benefits of Logalnet for real estate agencies

The advantages are undeniable, as this platform allows you to now sign contracts remotely, thus overcoming the issues commonly encountered during the summer. Gone is the need to do this in person, as both the agency and the signatory can complete their respective parts of the process wherever and whenever they want. This unquestionably improves the user’s experience and streamlines the entire process for both parties.

In addition, as everything can be completed online and there is no need to meet in-person, this opens up the opportunity to break into new markets. Thanks to these technologies, real estate agencies are able to sell properties in Spain to foreigners who are currently living abroad but are looking to purchase a property. The same can also be said for Spaniards who wish to sell their home in Spain but are currently out of the country, such as those working abroad.

Thanks to Logalnet, you can even manage authorisations and consent so that, in the event that property owners are abroad, they can grant the real estate agency permission to carry out visits of their property for prospective buyers, allowing them to maximise their chances of selling their property.

This solution easily overcomes the obstacle traditionally posed by summer, as real estate agencies can now sign contracts and continue making money even while people are on holiday.

Those who use Logalnet will do so again. Join the new era of electronic signature and make a profit this summer with Logalnet. No more excuses when selling or renting properties – it’s easier than ever before for your clients.