2018: A year of achievements

Thank you to our customers for their trust and to the Logalty family, shareholders, and employees, for the effort, enthusiasm, and dedication in 2018.


We have met the challenges of this year 2018, and we want to share them with all of you:

  • We started the year as part of Alastria because we wanted to contribute to the growth of the national Blockchain ecosystem through our knowledge of digital identity and trust services with evidence generated through intermediation.
  • In April, we reinforced our internationalization strategy by establishing LOGALTY Mexico, to provide electronic contracting and digital identity solutions to Mexican companies and the emerging consumer credit sector with all our experience acquired in Spain thanks to the joint venture of ASNEF LOGALTY.
  • In May, we helped our clients comply with the new GDPR thanks to our Express Consent Accreditation Service, created especially to add legal security to electronic processes for personal data processing
  • The creation process of LOGALTY’s own public key infrastructure (“PKI”) for the reliable people and entities identification was successfully completed in September.
  • In December, by obtaining the compliance assessment according to the European Regulation eIDAS of our certified electronic delivery process, we ended the year with a golden brooch, as we were included in the Trust Service List as a Trust Services Provider, with the maximum guarantee of qualified electronic signature and qualified electronic seal in contracting and notification services.

All these challenges would not be possible without our teams and their commitment and dedication and the excellent support of our shareholders: Informa, Garrigues, and SEUR.

Our wish for 2019 … as the digital congratulation quote … is to have a SMART year where electronic contracting SMART CONTRACT is a reality in the processes of our clients. Let us be part of your digital evolution.


Jose Manuel Oliva

Logalty General Manager